Top 50 LMSs for 2015 Sample Report

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By Craig Weiss, CEO, E-Learning 24/7 Top 50 LMS SAMPLE Rankings Report ORDER TODAY Blog The Criteria LMS Demos Top 50 Rankings Top 3 Rankings - Employee size - B2B/B2C - Genre - Vertical Key Takeaways LMS Top 50 - 2015 LMS Profiles 1 Top 50 Rankings Criteria • A review of 645 systems was conducted. From that list, based on various factors and analysis, a final grouping of 100 vendors were identified. • Additional analysis was conducted which included points for various capabilities, features, design, vertical reach, support/service, future thinking approach and processes. • Each section was weighted and points tallied. All features, capabilities and service are important, but some components are crucial in today’s LMS market • User Interface - Modern and Crisp – (100/100) • Support and Service • Features in general – Certain features are expected in any LMS, are they in yours? • Unique Selling Proposition • Speed of Innovation • Latest “Hot” features • Adoptability and Adaptability • Consumer Feedback HIGH IMPORTANCE • Vertical Reach – Vendors who focus on specific verticals (max. of four, ideally three), anything more and it screams “we can’t decide what is more important” • Home dashboards – Learner/Admin, i.e. the home/main page • Social or Engagement – Are you doing something unique or what every one else is doing? • What’s included in the system MEDIUM IMPORTANCE LMS Top 50 - 2015 HOW WERE THEY SELECTED? 2 Top 50 Learning Management Systems Growth Engineering ExpertusOne eLogic Learning Frog SkillsServe Docebo Blackboard (Higher Ed.) CM-Group Learn Upon 2015 LMS Top 50 - 2015 3 Growth Engineering’s Academy Company Information Headquarters: 44 Peascod Street, Windsor, UK, SL4 1DE Top 3 verticals: Retail, Restaurants, Professional Services # of clients (businesses): NOT AVAILABLE in SAMPLE LMS Demo on Report Discount: NOT AVAILABLE in SAMPLE Contact Phone: +44 (0) 1753 840331 E-mail: Internet: LMS Top 50 - 2015 4 Academy Pricing F Setup fees include: Academy design, configuration, full administrator training, project planning and project management until platform launch and data migration (up to three days’ development work). A How do you define pricing? Licensing is based on the number of individual active learners. C Do you offer different pricing models for B2B/B2C and internal (employees)? Yes. T Any additional costs (optional components)? Custom technology developments, e.g. integrations, and also optional extras (dedicated support, technical consulting, custom consulting) LMS Top 50 - 2015 5 Academy UVP, Implementation, Roadmap, Updates D What is your unique value proposition? (According to the vendor. Statements are “as is”) Gamification & Social features! Gamification makes the online learning process as fun and engaging as possible. The Academy LMS is loaded with social features to help capture the informal elements of the learning process and drive intellectual capital. This includes Knowledge Groups, chat, the Dialogue Stream, ranking content, sharing badges on social media and more! A Do you provide full service implementation or self-service setup? What do your fees include? Full service implementation. Fees include Academy design, configuration, full administrator training, project planning and project management until launch and data migration. T Roadmap for 2015 • Tin Can API, eCommerce, Salesforce integration • Workday integration, webinar integration, UI tweaks and changes (inc. responsive design) • Chat, user profiles, mobile app support and new gamification functionality. A How often do you update the system? Typical downtime? Produce weekly mini-updates and major updates roughly every quarter. LMS Top 50 - 2015 6 Academy Mobile, Gamification, Social I Mobile Capabilities? (Example: xAPI, Responsive, On/Off synch). Native app support (i.e. iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8, etc.) Native apps for iOS and Android, On/Off synch, Responsive, xAPI coming Feb. 2015. N Mobile Features (What can the end user do in the app? Take courses, assessments, etc. Is there a view for instructors or managers?) Access development streams, pre-load all content types, use social and gamification features. F O Gamification? If yes, indentify the feature sets: Badges, leaderboards, points, achievements, badge library, praise badges. Built-in gamification authoring tool coming Q2 15. LMS Top 50 - 2015 Social features Dialogue Stream, chat functionality, Insights Groups (to encourage knowledge sharing), ranking and rating content 7 Top Rankings by Vertical 1 Education K-12 Higher Education 2 Government Financial Services 3 Healthcare Manufacturing 4 Retail Technology LMS Top 50 - 2015 8 FINANCIAL– TOP THREE LMS Top 50 - 2015 9


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