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Breast Augmentation: Things To Consider Before And After The Procedure Every woman’s breast is delightful in its own way. So whether you have a small, round, large, pear- shaped, relaxed, or perky, always be thankful because not all women are given a chance to permanently have breasts. During your younger years, you might have that perky pair that everyone is jealous of. But after having a baby and doing exclusive breastfeeding, one of you assets suddenly just had a shocking change. Well, breastfeeding is one of the best things you can give to your child. However, having a saggy and loose breast really make you feel sad and insecure especially when you see those women w ho almost have a perfect pair of boobs. Aside from breast feeding, there are other factors that can affect the size and shape of a breast such as weight loss that caused a saggy breast, had suffered injury, undergone surgical procedure or simply that is the way it developed. These are the usual reasons why breast enhancement and breast reduction were developed: to help and provide satisfaction to every woman who want to get their breast back in shape. Aside from confidence and self-esteem, breast enhancement can make a woman more attractive as well as self-image enhancement go here Who Can Undergo Breast Enhancement? Woman who wants to improve the appearance of their breast can be a candidate for a breast augmentation. So whether you have a small, saggy, uneven breast or need reconstruction, you may opt to undergo this process. Breast enhancement is a type of an invasive surgery which means cutting and stitching is usually involved. A silicone is usually inserted inside to make it look firmer and feel fuller than ever. A woman who is unhappy and dissatisfied with their breast can consult a doctor for the said procedure. However, the doctor still needs to weigh and assess some things before you can be qualified for the procedure. What Are The Things To Consider? Overall health condition is the first thing a doctor needs to consider before making any decisions. Since it is an invasive procedure, your body should be in good health to prevent any untoward side effects such as infection after the procedure. Age is also a thing to consider. Younger ones can recover faster. However, there will be difference in their implants. For 18 yrs and below, saline is used while those 21 yrs and above, silicone is used. Lastly, as a patient, you should have thorough knowledge and understanding about the procedure as well as during the recovery period. If you are suffering from a medical condition and taking medications that can be contraindicated, you might not be qualified for the surgery. Tips After The Surgery It is important to have someone who can be with you in the clinic before and after the surgery. This is because you might feel uncomfortable due to pain and swelling. You might also feel dizzy and nauseated because of anesthesia given before the procedure. Remember to drink the prescribed medications and do some walking exercises to lessen the possibility of having blood clots.


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