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How To Keep Grill Cover From Blowing Off Securing The Grill Cover There are 4 ways to secure your grill cover: But keep in mind that buying the right size grill cover makes everything easier. ● Wrap the covered grill with bungee cords ● Tuck in the cover under the grill lid ● Use a strong magnet to secure the cover ● Use the Gust Guard to secure the cover Bungee Cord Method ● Find one long or several shorter bungee cords. ● Tie together several short bungee cords so that you have one long cord. ● Wrap the long bungee cord around the grill and cover. Tucking In Method ● Place the cover on the grill as you normally do. ● Lift up the sides of the grill lid a little bit and tuck in the edges of the cover. ● The tucked-in part will keep the cover secure. Magnet Method ● This method works with small and light covers (Weber Q Series and such) ● Cover your grill as you normally do ● Put the strong magnet from old audio speaker or hard drive on top. Gust Guard ● Start by wrapping your grill in the cover. ● Attach the Gust Guard clamps on to the cover. ● Fasten the bungee cord or rope under the grill. Contact us! For more details visit us at Main Website: Twitter: Google Drive: Google Site: Additional Reading

In my presentation you will learn the best ways to secure your grill cover from blowing off! More details:

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