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We provide outstanding recovery solutions for people who is seeking relief from addiction. Recovery Concepts LLC A Phone Call Can Change Your Life! Call Now: (864) 306-8533 Causes of Drug Abuse People suffering from anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression or other mental illnesses use drugs and alcohol to ease their suffering. People see family members, friends, role models or entertainers using drugs and rationalize that they can too. People think drugs will help relieve stress. People use drugs to cover painful memories in their past. People think drugs will help them fit in. Feelings of emptiness Peer Pressure Reasons why people use drugs ? Drug Abuse Statistics in US (2013) The following are facts and statistics on substance use in the United States in 2013, the most recent year for NSDUH survey results. Approximately 67,800 people responded to the survey in 2013. Recovery From Opiate Addiction Our safe, well-monitored, medication-assisted recovery for opiate addiction will help you safely transit through withdrawal symptoms. You will be getting professional grade recovery monitoring throughout the treatment period." "We provide medications as a part of the therapeutic process to help with the withdrawal symptoms. We would like to reinstate that these medications are meant for maintenance treatment. They are not in any way meant to substitute Heroin or Opioid." How Addiction Counseling Help? We provide our patients with group education and addiction counseling. We mostly make use of buprenorphine and methadone to help with opia te dependence. We are available for help 24 x 7. How Much Methadone Is Safe To Use? Higher dosage of methadone has been proved to bring in better results in patients when compared to lower dosages of methadone. High dosages have been helpful in retaining patients for wholesome recovery, when compared to patients who have been put on lower dose. The exact dosage of methadone that is safe for use varies from one patient to another and it is decided by the prescribing physician. Benefits Of Methadone Maintenance? It has also reduced patients participation in illicit sexual behavior thereby potentially preventing transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Methadone maintenance definitely reduces illicit use of opiates. It has also contributed to positive behavioral changes by reducing the criminal activity committed by patients. How Medical Supervision Done? Anyone who is being medically supervised through their detox attempts tends to achieve sobriety comfortably than those who are not followed on a regular basis. While recovering is one thing, learning to live a great life after recovery is a skill in itself. This comes with little training. The patients are taught by our counselors at the Recovery Concepts Greenville facility about how to move ahead with a life of sobriety without feeling tempted in to relapse. Prescription Drug Abuse Should Be Taken Seriously Prescription drugs are made available only with prescription because they ar e not good beyond a certain level in dosage. Therefore, it is important to not over dose on these drugs. These drugs shou ld not be over used. If temptations for over usage occur, it is very important t o seek physician help. Side Effects Related to Oxycotton There are several side effects related to Oxycotton. Your physician will be able to best help you with the side effects. This drug should be used only as prescribed if you are using it as a pain killer. There is a slim line that differentiates the use of this drug as a pain killer versus using it as a drug of abuse. The Dos And Don'ts Involved Life stressors, conditions like usage of alcohol along with opiates, major psychological illness, co-occurring disorders, and major physiological disorders should all be considered when it comes to deciding on the opiate addiction treatment. Well-experienced counselors understand the dos and don'ts involved in any kind of drug de-addiction treatment program. Making use of the medications to treat drug dependence has been found to be extremely useful. How to Overcome Heroin Abuse? Methadone for heroin addiction; "addicted to heroin? we can help"We are an outpatient opiate addiction treatment center that specially caters to treati -ng addiction to opiates such as heroin; hydrocodone; oxycodone & others. Facebook Google Plus Tumblr Twitter Fancy YouTube MySpace Imgur Flickr Reddit List.ly Stumbleupon Find Us On Social Media Contact Us Recovery Concepts of the Carolina Upstate, LLC Address: 1653 E Main Street, Easley, SC 29640 Email: director@recoveryconcepts.us Website: http://www.recoveryconcepts.us/ Phone: (864) 306-8533 Thanks For Reading & Watching If you like please Like, Comment & Subscribe Our Channel for Latest Videos..!!

Making use of these drug treatment program alternative services can be of an immense help to people who are looking for any kind of support in recovering from the drug addiction for the longer term, aiming to make your life with more moderation in the future.

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At Recovery Concepts LLC, we are here to ultimately lead you out of Opiate dependence with medication-assisted treatment (MAT). We refill your life with the hope, determination, and discipline it takes to live well. You will feel understood while you are here. With us, you will develop the confidence to achieve complete de-addiction.
We lead you to a whole new direction of healing from drug dependence. You will eventually rejoice the experience of complete well being by making use of all the help we have to provide you with.


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