Japan Power of Attorney for Trademark

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POWER OF ATTORNEY Japan Trademark Registration We, ________________________________________________ of _______________________ _____________________________________________________________________________. do hereby appoint ___________________________ (ID No. ______________) chartered Patent Attorney of ____________, Japan to be our lawful attorney to undertake on our behalf following acts, namely; 1. To take all the necessary procedures concerning the request for registration of transfer of registered trademark No. ___________, 2. To abandon or withdraw said request for registration of transfer of the trademark right, 3. To take all the necessary procedures under the Administrative Appeal Laws concerning said procedure of transferring trademark right, 4. To appoint or dismiss (a) sub-agent(s) to perform any and all of the aforementioned procedures, Dated _____________________ (a) To be signed by registrant (b) Signatory’s name in full in print (c) Signatory’s title

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