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STAIN FREE MARBLE TABLES: THE BEST TIPS Marble has been in use since time immemorial. Earlier the Greeks and Romans used it for making sculptures and statues, today it's miles notably used as desk tops and flooring. The nice component about marble stone is that it is extraordinarily clean to easy it and preserve its shine for many years to come. Here are few attempted and examined tips to help you take away the stains absolutely. Tip 1  Make a soft bread the use of some baby powder and approximately 12 percentage of hydrogen peroxide. The ratio of both the components would be greater or less equal. Keep including their equal components till thick paste like consistency is accomplished. Now practice this paste or poultice onto the stain and cover it nicely with a plastic wrap. Tape the rims of the plastic wrap down and permit t stay like that for a day or two. Once the plastic is removed, permit the poultice harden. Then eliminate the poultice lightly the use of a blunt edged knife. Wipe easy the floor with a smooth, damp fabric and what you'll get is a sparkling easy marble desk pinnacle. This method works exceptional in case of ink stains. Tip 2  Dip a serviette or a paper towel in approximately 20 percentage of hydrogen peroxide with 2 to three drops of ammonia into it. Put the soaked paper towel onto the stain and safeguard it with a plastic wrap. Tape the edges of the towel or the serviette (whichever is used) and permit it sit like that for a duration of forty eight hours. Then eliminate the serviette and wipe smooth the spot with a smooth, damp fabric. The stain might be vanished for certain. This technique works excellent to get rid of tea, coffee or soda stains. Tip 3  Using vehicle polishing compound for casting off stains off marble table tops can be pretty powerful. This would possibly need a dedicated effort however it would without a doubt help in lifting stains mainly the rust stains. Tip 4  For doing away with an oil or butter stain, just sprinkle a few cornstarch at the stain and brush it away after an hour the use of a soft, smooth fabric. A tough stain of oil can be removed from the marble surface the usage of acetone. Tip 5  Marble polishes are an excellent choice for sparkle cleansing the desk top. Just spray the marble surface with bleak layer of marble polish and use chamois fabric for buffing. Marble polish tends to add a coating onto the porous floor of the desk along side a layer of wax which adds glowing shine and prevents the table from damages.

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