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Startup Lessons Learned Manoj Ranaweera 3rd March 2014 @ Orion City IT Park, Colombo, Sri Lanka Life is a journey! Education: 1987 Royal College 1992 B.Eng (Hons) 2005 MBA @MBS Employment 1992 Parsons Brinckerhoff Control Systems Power Generation Electricity Transmission Sewerage Networks Light Rail Transit Startups: 2004 MI Investor employee 2004/06 ebdex 2006/12 Techcelerate TwiCRM, CRMthis Foresight North 2007 edocr 2013 LiveStax Lesson 1 - Opportunity Your itch vs looking for a problem Product or feature Scaling $1bn $100m $10m Lifestyle Lesson 2 Founder Team Passion and honesty Effort when the chips are down 2007: 843m (2004: 930m Google) Duncan Cameron: 162 m (90%) + 38.3m 2013: 11.41% each $38.2m funding to date Lesson 3 - Capital $1bn startup isn't cool no more! Go Big or Go Home Sense of urgency 2007: David Cummings $1.2m 2012: $95m to ExactTarget Lesson 4 - Distribution Customer persona Touch points Scalable distribution model LiveStax: Access to 2000 Customers Lesson 5 Build or sell Vision and mission Build for long term Or for quick sale Enjoy the ride! +44 7769734491

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