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P R A C T IV IT IE S VST SHAKTI V.S.T. TILLERS TRACTORS LTD Plot No- 1, Dyavasandra Indl. Layout, Whitefield Road, Mahadevapura Post, Bangalore-560048, Karnataka. www.vsttillers.com INDIA Phone: +91 - 80 – 67141418/23 | +91 - 80 - 67141111, Fax: + 91 - 80 – 28510221, CIN: L34101KA1967PLC001706. NEWSLETTER FOR THE PERIOD OF : APRIL - JUNE- 2015 VOL. VI, ISSUE VI PUBLISHED BY : “TEAM VST” 12 1 Only for internal distribution. PR ACTIVITIES SHOW ROOM INAUGURATION - ANDHRA PRADESH KRISHI ABHINAYA - KARNATAKA Our Show Room Inauguration at Proddatur, Andhra Pradesh in the month of June 2015 was covered by EeNadu, Sakshi and Andhra Jyothi newspapers. Krishi Abhinaya program conducted by the Department of Agriculture, at Chikkaballapura district, Karnataka in the month of June 2015, covered in Prajavani newspaper. 3 Message From Senior VP - Marketing M E S S A G E FROM THE EDITORIAL DESK Hello VSTeans, After hot summers, the cool breeze and monsoon showers clear our mood and bring renewed thoughts. Beautiful sights from fresh greenery to the children in their new school uniforms delight us for aiming clear and fresh initiatives and activities. With the same spirit, we at editorial desk compiled this newsletter focusing on activities that are fresh and minimizing the run-of-the-mill programs in this issue. The last quarter at VST has seen a variety of activities and we thank all the members for their effort in reaching this desk with their summaries. We also appreciate and encourage VSTeans to write and share more informative and innovative articles through this forum, as we start our first “VSTean - Article” column in this issue. We once again thank you all for your participation and look forward for the incessant support for the coming issues of VST Shakti Samachar. Adios till again Abinash Gouda Branding SYNOPSIS 3 PR ACTIVITIES MILESTONES Message from Senior Vice President - Marketing From the Editorial Desk PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES: VSTean - ARTICLE DEALER FORUM EMPLOYEE HR FORUM: VST - ERUDITE VST - RETROSPECTIVES MoS with Union of PCD, Mysore Fire Fighting Training Mango Festival Training Programs - Maharashtra Power Tiller Distribution - Assam Demo Program - Odisha Awareness Campaign - Bihar Farmers’ Meet - Gujarat Lucky Draw - Tamil Nadu Training Program - Telangana Training Program - Tamil Nadu Sunehra Kal - Bihar Newspaper Ads Suttur Jatra - Karnataka State Farmers Day - Odisha SUBCON 2015 - United Kingdom Hosur Plant 1 Year Completion Exclusive Showroom for Tractors Achieving the Mark of 3,00,000 Power Tillers Best Supplier Award 2 “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” – Bill Cosby “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson “Many of life’s failures are experienced by people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Edison “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu “Every noble work is at first impossible.” – Thomas Carlyle “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” – John Wooden INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES Chandramouli Sharma, Senior Vice President - Marketing Dear VSTeans, At the outset, I would like to congratulate my team for conceptualizing this mode of communication “VST Shakti Samachar” and effectively rolling out five volumes so far. It gives me immense pleasure to greet you all in our sixth issue and the participation of all the VSTeans makes me proud of me being a fellow VSTean. I am happy to see that “VST Shakti Samachar” has improvised issue on issue in terms of the quality of the content and I appreciate the VSTean – Article column in this issue and encourage my colleagues to participate in this forum. I request all our distributers and dealers to share this newsletter with their sales and service teams. Looking forward to read more and more of “VST Shakti Samachar” Thank you, I also suggest the editorial team to shortlist contributions from our dealers’ sales and service teams to avail a surprise gift if their contribution appears in the respective issue of the newsletter. DEALER EMPLOYEE FORUM 4 H R F O R U M 5 HR FORUM A Fire Fighting Training was conducted at our Hosur Plant as a part of ‘Employee Welfare’ program in the month of April 2015. The in-house training was organised to educate our employees in Plant Maintenance, Security and HR division about the Fire Fighting System and various Fire Applications along with practical training. MoS WITH UNION OF PRECISION COMPONENT DIVISION, MYSORE FIRE FIGHTING TRAINING MANGO FESTIVAL To celebrate the season of mangoes we had organised a ‘Mango Festival’ at our Whitefield factory premises in the month of June 2015. V.S.T Tillers Tractors Limited signed the Memorandum Of Settlement with the Union of Precision Components Division, Mysore in the month of June 2015. The memorandum was signed before the Deputy Commissioner Labour, Government of Karnataka in his office at Karmika Bhavana, Bangalore after a brief meeting. Mr. J. Sathyanarayana Bhatt, Executive Vice President & COO signed the Memorandum of Settlement, Mr. B.C.S. Iyengar, Director – Corporate Strategy, Mr. B.G.Kodandaram, General Manager – HR and Mr. Mohandas Prabhu, General Manager – Operations also attended the meeting representing V.S.T Tillers Tractors Limited. The Labour Union of Precision Components Division, Mysore had Mr. H.R. Seshadri, Advisor to the Union, as their representative at the meeting. Mr. K. N. Satyanarayana a 63 year old veteran has contributed his 45 years of service to our dealer M/s. Raja Industrial Works, Karnataka. He worked as a manager and marketed VST Power Tillers and Tractors in Shivamogga, Chikamangalur, Davanagere, Bellary and Raichur Districts. Mrs. Asha S. Narayan wife of Mr. Satyanarayana was also an employee at M/s. Raja Industrial Works for 9 years before she got an opportunity to serve at a government organization. Mr. Satyanarayana strongly believed in education and motivated his two sons to study engineering. His elder son now works for an eminent software company and his younger son is just few months away from completing his Civil Engineering. Both of his sons are trained in Karnatic music. GENERAL POINTS OF SAFETY Switch off the electrical points while not in use. This will not only give an economic saving, but also avoid unforeseen accidents. Remember that this is a national saving too. Always maintain cleanliness at your place of work. Report all accidents/injuries to the Company Dispensary irrespective of their nature. Inform about occupational health and safety measures to your colleagues/ employees. Ensure that First Aid Box is kept in your Section/Department and replenish it with due care and caution to meet emergency need. Ensure close supervision while employees are working in an area where hazardous gases/chemicals are in use. Ensure that all floors, stairs, passages, emergency exits, water-body etc. are in good condition, properly maintained and free from obstructions. Use suitable eye protection against particles/fragments thrown of in the course of any process like excessive light, chemicals, gases, welding, dust, fly ash etc. Ensure that sufficient number of fire extinguishers are kept at your work place and are in good working condition and properly maintained. Warning/caution signs are posted because of specific hazards and should not be ignored. Removal/alteration by persons other than those authorised to do so is prohibited. Do not operate any equipment without authority. Do not make the safety devices in-operative. Do not use the damaged/unsafe equipment and tools. Do not work in hazardous area without permit. Do not use any hazardous chemicals if the usable date has expired. Do not use compressed air for removing dust from your clothes. Do not overload the lifting machines than their designed capacity. Don't leave the floor openings unattended. V S T e a n - A R T IC L E E M P L O Y E E A R T IC L E 7 6 AGRICULTURE - THE PROFESSION OF PAR EXCELLENCE It is very interesting to know the meaning and definition of the word Agriculture, probably every one of us are familiar with the profession - Agriculture. The word 'Agriculture' came from two Latin words “agri” means field and “culture” meaning cultivation, accordingly it is defined as “the science or art of cultivating the soil, producing crops and rising of livestock; farming”. The basic purpose of farming used to be production of “wage goods”. The wage goods are those that are consumed by human beings at large to satisfy their basic needs for existence, such as wheat, rice, maize etc. These are the necessities of life without which human beings will not be able to survive. Over a period of time, farming activity has been extended to the production of raw materials used in the manufacture of industrial goods, examples cotton, jute, rubber and sugarcane etc. However they are different from wage goods as they cannot be consumed directly by human beings and have to be further processed to make it suitable for consumption. Significance of Agriculture: Agriculture is the profession of par excellence and being the fundamental industry it is true that agriculture is producer of the basic food for the human beings and is indispensable for the existence of human race. Besides it produces raw materials to many industries and also it is important constituent for trade, hence it is the foundation of manufacturing, trade, commerce and information technology. Views on Agriculture by Legends: According to the British author Samuel Johnson in his book great charm of literature puts the agriculture profession this way, “if we estimate dignity by immediate usefulness agriculture is undoubtedly first and foremost noble science.” According to legendary Roman poet Ovid remarked this agriculture profession this way, “the time spent on cultivation of the field passes very pleasantly”. Russell who is famous English author explains the superiority of Agriculture as a profession as “in a moral point of view, the life of the Agriculturist is the most pure and holy of any class of men; pure, because it is the most beautiful and he can hardly find time to contaminate it, and holy, because it brings deity perpetually before his view, giving him thereby the most fascinating and endearing view of most dignity.” The American statesman David Webster expressed the importance of agriculture as “when tillage begins, other arts will follow; the farmers therefore are the founders of civilization”. According to George Washington who is the first president of Unites States of America mentioned agriculture this way “I know of no pursuit in which more real and important services can be rendered to any country than by improving its agriculture, its breed of useful animals, and other branches of husbandman cares”. Abraham Lincoln who is another famous president of United States in one of his deliberations in Wisconsin State Agricultural Society says “agriculture leads to the further reflection that no other human occupation opens so wide a field for the profitable and agreeable combination of labor with cultivated thought as agriculture. I know nothing so pleasant to the mind, as the discovery of anything which is at once new and valuable: nothing which so lightens and sweetens to , as the hopeful pursuit of such discovery and how vast and how varied a field agriculture, for such discovery. The mind, already trained to thought, in country school, or higher school, cannot fail to find there an exhaustless source of profitable enjoyment.” Finally from the above keynotes which authentically explains the superiority of the profession par excellence, the agriculture. It is also to be noted that agriculture is the fundamental and foundation for other industries to develop and sustain. Article By: Dr. G. Nagaraj Manager - Manufacturing Engine Plant, Bangalore P R O M O T IO N A L A C T IV IT IE S VST - ERUDITE POWER TILLER DISTRIBUTION - ASSAM NEWSPAPER ADS As part of our national promotional activities, we have been publishing informational and promotional advertisements in most of the popular local newspapers among the rural farmers’ community. A Power tiller distribution event was organised by our dealer M/s. Sanjay Traders at Duliajan, Dibrugarh district, Assam in the month of May 2015. The event was supported by M/s. Oil India Limited and the State Institute of Rural Development, Duliajan Centre. The Managing Director of M/s. Oil India Limited and Director of State Institute of Rural Development, Assam distributed the power tillers among the selected farmers of the state. DEMO PROGRAM - ODISHA A Demo program was conducted by our dealer M/s. Komal Enterprises at Koraput, Jeypore, Odisha in the month of June 2015. During the program, our 22 HP tractor was demonstrated with a baler attachment. AWARENESS CAMPAIGN - BIHAR An awareness campaign was conducted at Jahanabad, Bihar through our dealer M/s. Shree Ganesh Enterprises in the month of April 2015 where we had set up a kiosk at a vantage point and our tractor VST Mitsubishi Shakti VT 224-1D was kept on display. P R O M O T IO N A L A C T IV IT IE S 9 P R O M O T IO N A L A C T IV IT IE S 8 FARMERS’ MEET - GUJARAT Our dealer M/s. Agro Deal Agencies had organised Farmers’ Meets at Gothada village and Vachhesar village in Savli taluk, Gujarat in the month of April 2015. At the meet, the farmers w e r e e d u c a t e d a b o u t t h e advantages of our products and a demonstration was also organised. SUNEHRA KAL - BIHAR In association with a renowned MNC and a NGO - Sewa Bharat, V.S.T Tillers Tractors Ltd. had ogranised a Reaper Demonstration and training program in the month of April 2015 under the scheme “Sunehra Kal ", which is an agricultural development program for women farmers. The program was conducted at Hawelli Kharagpur centre at Ranisagar and Parsonda, Bihar where members of women Self-Help Groups were trained to use our reapers. We have conducted Training Programs on ADDC and 2 Wheel Drive System at our dealers' outlets throughout Maharashtra State in the months of April and May 2015. TRAINING PROGRAMS - MAHARASHTRA The training program was organised to train the mechanics at our dealers' outlets who service our products. The mechanics were trained on the Functioning of ADDC on tractor, setting of ADDC levers on tractors, dismantling and assembling ADDC and hydraulic unit and control valve servicing and gap setting. LUCKY DRAW - TAMIL NADU A Lucky Draw program for the Promotional Activity which was organized through out the month of January 2015 on the occasion of Pongal in the state of Tamil Nadu was held at Madurai in the month of June 2015. As per the scheme, various prizes ranging from gift vouchers to Maruti Alto800 car were distributed among the winning customers. TRAINING PROGRAM - TELANGANA A Farmers’ Training Program was conducted by our dealer M/s. Sri Balaji Agro Industries at Narayanpet, Mahaboobnagar, Telangana in the month of May 2015. TRAINING PROGRAM - TAMIL NADU A Training Program was conducted on ADDC and 2 Wheel Drive System in the month of April 2015 at our Hosur Plant, Tamil Nadu. Mechanics from our dealers' outlets in Tamil Nadu had participated in this training program. The improvements that have been done on our latest tractors to overcome the field complaints were highlighted during the program and the mechanics were trained on dismantling and assembling of ADDC. T h e D e a l e r M e c h a n i c s a l s o interacted with Mr. Ramdas Shenoy, Mr. Sathyamurty and Mr. Walter from V.S.T Tillers Tractors Limited and explained them the problems they face during servicing our products at field. VST - ERUDITE VST - ERUDITE M IL E S T O N E S MILESTONES HOSUR PLANT 1 YEAR COMPLETION It has been a year since we started operations at our Hosur Plant and we have successfully achieved quiet a few milestones in this short span of time like installing an advanced washing machine and an ultrasonic cleaning machine at our plant which helps in increasing the productivity of our products and also our important milestone was set when we rolled out our 1000th tractor from our factory in less than 2 months from the time we started operations at our new plant. The first anniversary of VST Tillers Tractors - Hosur Tractor Plant was celebrated in the month of April 2015. On this occasion, the Management had conducted ‘Continual Improvement Activities’ in all areas including product quality to achieve the highest Customer Satisfaction and had distributed sweets to all the employees and Suppliers as a token of appreciation for all their support and hard work. We have many more milestones to cross to take the company into growth path and we hope that the same support and hard work that we have seen in this year will continue in the coming years. Our dealer M/s. SLN Agri Tech had represented us at the Suttur Jatra held at Suttur Village, Mysore District, Karnataka in the month of May 2015. Agri minister Sri. Krishna Byregowda had attended the event and he had appreciated our achievement when he visited our stall. SUTTUR JATRA - KARNATAKA STATE FARMERS DAY - ODISHA On the occasion of Farmers Day, the state government of Odisha had organised an exhibition named State Farmers Day 2015 at Pipili Block, Puri District, Odisha in the month of April 2015. We had participated and had displayed our products at the event. VST - RETROSPECTIVES SUBCON 2015 - UNITED KINGDOM Our Precision Components Division, Mysore, that manufactures Engine Components for Tillers and Tractors as well as components for Export markets, had participated in the 'SUBCON 2015' held in the month of June 2015 at National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, United Kingdom where our products like Crankshafts, Conrods, Camshafts were kept on display. VST's component quality was well appreciated by the business visitors and generated good response from industry buyers. The Indian Deputy High Commissioner in UK, Dr Virander Paul visited our pavilion and was briefed about VST's export to UK. The diplomat urged VST to explore further business potential in UK and scout for 'Make in India' partners. P R O M O T IO N A L A C T IV IT IE S 11 10 V.S.T Tillers Tractors Limited touched the mark of 3,00,000 Power Tillers in the month of May 2015 by rolling out our Power Tiller with engine no. S 1 5 E 2 0 2 5 5 5 & t r a n s m i s s i o n V15E300000. It is a proud moment for all the VSTeans to cherish and rejoice. ACHIEVING THE MARK OF 3,00,000 POWER TILLERS BEST SUPPLIER AWARD VST was conferred with "Best Supplier Award" by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - VST Diesel Engines Pvt Limited in the supplier meet held at Mysore, Karnataka in the month of June 2015. We bagged this in the ‘New Product Development - Sub Contract Parts’ category, for the camshafts supplied to them. Precision Components Division, Mysore, An exclusive showroom for VST tractors was inaugurated at Gujarat in the month of June 2015 by our dealer M/s. Shree Girsomnath Tractors, Gujarat. An ad advertising the same was also published in the local newspaper - Jai Hind. EXCLUSIVE SHOWROOM FOR TRACTORS

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