The Five Temptations of a CEO

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©The Table Group, Inc. All rights reserved. the table group a p a t r i c k l e n c i o n i c o m p a n y Simple wisdom for organizations. Accountability ensures results Popularity Over Accountability Status Over Results Certainty Over Clarity Harmony Over Conflict Invulnerability Over Trust Clarity allows accountability Conflict leads to clarity Trust lets healthy conflict occur The Five Temptations of a CEO page 1 ©The Table Group, Inc. All rights reserved. the table group a p a t r i c k l e n c i o n i c o m p a n y Simple wisdom for organizations. Temptation #1: Status Strategy for Overcoming: Focus on results Publicly commit to measurable results • Evaluate your success based on these results alone • Temptation #2: Popularity Strategy for Overcoming: Hold people accountable Confront direct reports immediately about behavior and performance • Clarify expectations up front to make confronting direct reports easier • Temptation #3: Certainty Strategy for Overcoming: Provide clarity Set public deadlines for making key decisions • Practice making decisions without complete information around less risky issues • Temptation #4: Harmony Strategy for Overcoming: Establish productive conflict Draw out differing opinions and perspectives from staff members • Engage in and allow passionate discussions about key issues • Temptation #5: Invulnerability Strategy for Overcoming: Build trust Acknowledge your own weaknesses and mistakes • Allow direct reports to see your human side • The Five Temptations of a CEO page 2

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