Things You Should Know About Floating Seals

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Things You Should Know About Floating Seals Floating Face Seals and Track Drive Maintenance Floating face seals are an essential part of the ultimate travel. Planetary gears hold gear oil on the planetary side and prevent contaminants from entering bearings and gears. When this seal begins to leak, the travel motor will be damaged. In this Shop Talk blog post, we'll talk about five things you should know about floating face seals and car driving maintenance. 1. Floating Face Seal Works- Floating face seals are used in several different names, including dual conical seals, double conical seals, rotating rings, mechanical face seals or major seals. The floating face seal set consists of identical halves. Each stroke has a sealing ring and a rubber torque ring that act as secondary sealing elements. One side of the sealing ring was finely ground / wrapped to engage one side of the opposite sealing ring. The elastomer ring presses the two halves of the seal together to provide a seal. 2. Floating Face Seals Are Not Indestructible Floating seals are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of construction equipment and earthmoving equipment. However, due to the limited life of the floating face seal, it must be replaced during the life of the machine, such as ASV motor or hydraulic motor. This life can be extended by cleaning debris around the cotton seal carefully using a hose or pressure washer. The same life can be greatly reduced by keeping the abrasive around sealing the surface without cleaning the machine and possibly the undercarriage. 2. What Happens When the Floating Face Seal Fails? Leakage from the rear of the sprocket means that the floating surface seal is no longer sealed. Gear oil leaks to allow damage and wear to the oily side of the final drive, as well as allowing the polishing materials to enter the final drive. All the clay materials, sand, concrete, silt, soil, cement, dust, sludge and other debris accumulated around the lower body and the final drive can now reach the gears and precision bearings of the travel motor. These pollutants mix with gear oil to form thick odor sludge. This sludge counteracts lubrication. Excessive temperature, wear, corrosion, scarring, scratching, measuring and contact devices from metal to metal occur until the last drive stops working. 3. What Causes the Floating Face Seal Failure? One of the reasons for the failure is that the stamp simply exceeded the estimated time and should be replaced with a new stamp. This process begins with O-ring wear and tear so that it does not firmly attach to the sealing surface. Episode O shown here is damaged in broken form. This is clearly not good. If something like this happens, debris falls between the debris surfaces, making things worse. Contaminants begin to be mixed with unmixed gear oil and the formation of damaged sludge. 5. Maintaining Your Floating Seals To prevent premature fracture of the face, use a pressure washer to clean the undercarriage of the equipment. This simple maintenance step can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. If you have to pull gear oil frequently or see gear oil leak back into the sprocket, this means that there is a problem with the seal and it is time to replace it. You can save more money by quickly getting into such leaks. Importance of Face Seals Face seals should not be considered normal. A failed main seal could damage the last irreparable drive and could happen very quickly. Keep your ASV compact bulldozer, multi-loader loader or Cat mini excavator undercarriage clean and quickly respond to leaks! Remember that face seals do not last forever, but proper maintenance can extend their life. When it's time to fix the last drive, remember that the seal may need to be replaced. Contact Us- SAP Parts™ Pvt. Ltd. Address - 85, B.U. Bhandari Indl. Estate, Off John Deere, Nagar Road, Sanaswadi, Tal. Shirur Dist. Pune - 412 208 Maharashtra, INDIA. Email Id Phone No - +919561562957 Website -


Floating face seals are an essential part of the ultimate travel. Planetary gears hold gear oil on the planetary side and prevent contaminants from entering bearings and gears.



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