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Options for Distance Education Distance education has been around for several hundred years. Over the years it has taken on the form of weekly correspondence mailings, school lessons via radio to today's highly interactive online education options. "Learning at home has become a viable and accessible option for people who need to fit school into their schedule." - Max D. Gardner, writer at EssayStone. Online Learning Online learning courses are now available worldwide. Courses designed around the internet tend to include interactive group discussions with other students as well as with tutors and/or teachers. This online community can be extremely motivating and helpful to students who may be struggling with learning at home. What is Online Education Online education is sometimes referred to as distance education. It is education that takes place out of the classroom and uses the internet as a primary source of communication. Lesson plans and assignments are often exchanged and submitted through email or websites. Some classes may offer group discussion in which students are able to interact with other students in their course through the internet. Benefits of Online Education Benefits of online education vary depending on the students needs. A few of the more common reasons why students enjoy online learning are the following: flexibility ability to attend school without relocating being able to work around a work, family and/or personal schedule Challenges of Online Learning When considering distance and online education it is absolutely vital that the challenges be considered as well as the benefits. The following are a few common challenges faced by distance learners. Motivation Distance learner need to be self-motivated. There are no scheduled classes and no teachers or tutors to apply pressure. The will to succeed must come entirely from the student. Interaction While some courses provide online discussion groups and forums, other courses will be entirely self- directed. This can be a real drawback for some students. Lack of structure Flexibility is certainly a benefit of learning at home but it can also be a drawback for those who might find it too difficult to fit study time into their schedule. Finding the Right Online Course Distance learning courses are available through many different institutions today. School's such as the UK's Open University and Canada's Athabasca University both specialize in distance education. Many universities including such prestigious names as the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge are now offering distance and online learning programs. Many community colleges also offer courses and programs via distance learning. Regardless of circumstances, distance education has become a viable and popular means to pursue higher education. Some research through local schools and through the internet will demonstrate that in today's world, the possibilities for learning at home are rapidly increasing.

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