Multi-channel-customer service solution is it the right choice

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Multi-channel-customer service solution is it the right choice Businesses dedicate most of their efforts in implement various strategies to leverage their sales figures. Customer service has become very important for business growth. Customer seeks the assistance of companies to help them use the product optimally or need help in solving problems associated with it. Most organizations opt for multi channel customer service solution which is the availability of several communication channels for customer service, such as phone, email, customer service chat, and Web self service. A well executed multi- channel service strategy can have a profound – and positive – impact on customer satisfaction and service operational efficiency. 87% of respondents to a Purdue University survey said that good customer service influenced the decision to do business with companies again. For multi-channel service to deliver value, it must be correctly implemented so as to provide an accessible, seamless, and consistent experience across all channels. There are three key elements to successful multi-channel customer service solutions: To provide a seamless experience across all touch points - Seamlessness requires a single view of the customer across channels. This enables the agent or self-service user to see and act upon relevant data from any channel, such as a customer’s account profile, order and billing history, and a universal history of interactions. The universal interaction history promotes the greatest communication flexibility for customers through agile channeling wherein the customer switch channels as per their needs. Thus seamlessness eliminates the need for customers to repeat information and for agents to retrace the steps the customer has already taken, resulting in faster problem resolution. Unified knowledge management and processes - So that resolution is consistent regardless of channel and promotes consistent experience regardless of touch points. With knowledge and business processes ensures the client that he can opt for any channel to resolve his query. Reliable Experience – A true multi-channel solution helps effectively handle expected growth as well as unexpected spikes in volume. This requires demonstrated horizontal and vertical scalability, reliable uptime, and a proven ability to manage rapidly expanding volumes of interactions, such as email volumes, and information in the content knowledgebase. With a configurable environment, channels can be modified and augmented over time, based on changing customer demands and business strategies. Given the importance of implementing flexible, accessible channels for customer service, the temptation may be to adopt every possible channel. However, for the success of customer service , it is critical to determine the most appropriate channels for customers and the organization. While a full complement of channels may ultimately be the right choice, supporting current customer and business demands may require only a few –or even a single – channel. Learn more about :- customer service experience , eservice

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