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Fifa World Cup 2018, Fifa World Cup 2018 Live Stream, Fifa World Cup 2018 Schedule, And Start Time, FIFA World Cup promises to be something beyond ordinary for sure with so many big names failing to make the final cut. Chile, Netherlands, Italy, and the USA are just a few of the top casualties. On the other side of the spectrum are sides who've made it to the FIFA World Cup for the first time. Egypt and Iceland have scripted a couple of fairy tales that are bound to remain in the history books for quite a long time. Their fans are living the dream of their lifetime. Fans from all over the world are ready to take on the super excitement of FIFA World Cup as soon as they can. The wait is getting more and more painstaking. Fans of the most watched sporting event of the globe make it necessary for us to cover up all the live stream and broadcasting details well before in hand. So, here is a list of all the broadcasters and live stream channels for FIFA World Cup 2018 that will connect us with our favorite sport in two of our most favorite months in every four years. FIFA World Cup 2018 Host Russia Start Date 14th June 2018 End Date 15th July 2018 Teams 32 Live Stream Watch Here Mascot Zabivaka Contents 1 FIFA World Cup Live Streaming 2018 All matches 2 Official Websites offering Live Stream for FIFA World Cup 2018 o 2.0.1 FOX Fox commentators list 2.0.2 beIN Sports 2.0.3 NBC 2.0.4 DirecTV 2.0.5 ITV 2.0.6 Sky 2.0.7 SBS SBS commentary Team 2.0.8 Kwes Sports 2.0.9 SuperSport 2.0.10 Sony LIV 2.0.11 ESPN Free 2.0.12 CBS 2.0.13 NTV 2.0.14 YouTube TV 3 Free Streaming Options o 3.1 FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Stream Free Options 3.1.1 FuboTV 3.1.2 Sling TV 3.1.3 KODI 3.1.4 Subscription based 3.1.5 Free Add-ons 3.1.6 VipBox 3.1.7 Mobdro 3.1.8 PlayStation Vue 3.1.9 Live Soccer TV 3.1.10 VPN Guru Site 3.1.11 Hot Star 3.1.12 Roku App 3.1.13 DirecTV 3.1.14 Hulu TV 4 FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Live Online using VPN o 4.0.1 ExpressVPN 4.0.2 NordVPN 4.0.3 PrivateVPN o 4.1 For Mobile Users 4.1.1 How to watch FIFA World Cup on Mobile? 5 World Cup 2018 Live Stream in Different Countries o 5.1 India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka o 5.2 United Kingdom o 5.3 United States of America o 5.4 Australia o 5.5 The Middle East and North Africa o 5.6 Sub Saharan Countries 6 Streaming on Social Media o 6.1 Reddit o 6.2 Youtube o 6.3 Twitter o 6.4 Facebook 7 Groups and Teams o 7.1 World Cup Predictions o 7.2 Sponsorship details 8 Important things to remember o 8.1 How to get live scores of FIFA World Cup 2018 8.1.1 Best live score portals to follow o 8.2 What's New o 8.3 How can I watch highlights of each game? o 8.4 Official Mascot for Russia World Cup 8.4.1 Zabivaka is busy these days o 8.5 Where can I buy official Merchandise and Jerseys for World Cup Russia o 8.6 FIFA World Cup 2018 host nation/venue o 8.7 About Match Ball 8.7.1 World cup Match Ball Preview o 8.8 Host Country 8.8.1 Stadiums o 8.9 Prize Money o 8.10 Tickets o 8.11 Opening Ceremony 9 FIFA World Cup Finals 2018 FIFA World Cup Live Streaming 2018 All matches Let's check out all matches streaming details for Russia World Cup 2018 below. Date Matches Live Stream 14th June 2018 Russia vs Saudi Arabia Watch Here 15th June 2018 Egypt vs Uruguay Watch Here 15th June 2018 Morocco vs Iran Watch Here 15th June 2018 Portugal vs Spain Watch Here 16th June 2018 France vs Australia Watch Here 16th June 2018 Argentina vs Iceland Watch Here 16th June 2018 Peru vs Denmark Watch Here 17th June 2018 Croatia vs Nigeria Watch Here 17th June 2018 Costa Rica vs Serbia Watch Here 17th June 2018 Germany vs Mexico Watch Here 17th June 2018 Brazil vs Switzerland Watch Here 18th June 2018 Sweden vs South Korea Watch Here 18th June 2018 Belgium vs Panama Watch Here 18th June 2018 England vs Tunisia Watch Here 19th June 2018 Colombia vs Japan Watch Here 19th June 2018 Poland vs Senegal Watch Here 19th June 2018 Russia vs Egypt Watch Here 20th June 2018 Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia Watch Here 20th June 2018 Portugal vs Morocco Watch Here 20th June 2018 Spain vs Iran Watch Here 21st June 2018 Australia vs Denmark Watch Here 21st June 2018 France vs Peru Watch Here 21st June 2018 Argentina vs Croatia Watch Here 22nd June 2018 Brazil vs Costa Rica Watch Here 22nd June 2018 Nigeria vs Iceland Watch Here 22nd June 2018 Serbia vs Switzerland Watch Here 23rd June 2018 Belgium vs Tunisia Watch Here 23rd June 2018 Mexico vs South Korea Watch Here 23rd June 2018 Germany vs Sweden Watch Here 24th June 2018 England vs Panama Watch Here 24th June 2018 Japan vs Senegal Watch Here 24th June 2018 Poland vs Colombia Watch Here 25th June 2018 Saudi Arabia vs Egypt Watch Here 25th June 2018 Russia vs Uruguay Watch Here 25th June 2018 Portugal vs Iran Watch Here 25th June 2018 Spain vs Morocco Watch Here 26th June 2018 Australia vs Peru Watch Here 26th June 2018 France vs Denmark Watch Here 26th June 2018 Argentina vs Nigeria Watch Here 26th June 2018 Iceland vs Croatia Watch Here 27th June 2018 Germany vs South Korea Watch Here 27th June 2018 Mexico vs Sweden Watch Here Official Websites offering Live Stream for FIFA World Cup 2018 Most of the official broadcasters will be live streaming the FIFA World Cup 2018 on their respective official websites. To list them out, here are ten names which are going to feature in your browser list often during June and July this year. You can also Download the Mobile apps of each channel for Android (Playstore) or any platforms to watch all matches. FIFA World Cup 2018 is just 100 days away with the best team and players in the soccer world. Millions of Football fans are all set to watch the match either live in the stadium in Russia or with the help of Cable TV and by streaming online. FIFA World Cup 2018 will be hosted by Russia and it was Brazil who hosted the last FIFA World Cup in 2014 Germany won the World Cup after defeating Argentina by one goal. In 2014 there was no scope to watch the FIFA World Cup live with the help of online streaming. Let's check out each channel to watch World Cup live stream below. FOX Fans in the United States will need to bookmark FOX's official website as it will be providing a live stream for every game on its website. It may turn out to be a paid affair, but as of now, nothing has been declared officially. Fox officially announced of streaming 64 matches online via Fox Soccer Match Pass and Fox Sports Go. Fox Sports GO app will stream the World Cup matches on iOS, Android mobiles and also available on Apple TV, Fire TV, Xbox, and Roku. Fox announced their broadcasting plans which include 12 commentators. John Strong and Stu Holden will lead the commentary team. Aly Wagner is fixed as the female commentator for Fox to analyze 2018 World Cup. The opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia starts at 11 AM ET on FOX. Fox commentators list Let's check out full commentators of Fox which brings exclusive world cup coverage on television and online. Los Angeles (United States) Derek Rae and Aly Wagner Glenn Davis and Cobi Jones Jorge Perez Navarro and Mariano Trujillo Mark Followill and Warren Barton Russia John Strong and Stu Holden JP Dellacamera and Tony Meola beIN Sports The king Sports in the Middle East and Northern Africa, beIN Sports will be having its live stream channel ready on its official website. It is bound to serve many fans in the region. Beinsports is having best subscription packages which support different Countries. They are providing special packages for FIFA World Cup. Just select your Country and Packages to enjoy the event live in HD quality through Beinsports. New users can subscribe with special summer bundle offer which gives you 70 premium channels including FIFA World Cup 2018 coverage. Current users just need to activate the offers from the official website of Beinsports. You can watch all channels in HD (1080p). NBC Football Fans can also watch the matches in NBC either with the help of their cable or can even live stream the matches through their official website. Interestingly, fans in the United States will also be having an option to choose NBC for watching the FIFA World Cup live. NBC's Telemundo will be broadcasting the World Cup in the Spanish Language and the audience which does not have cable can stream their official website to view all the matches live., and thus NBC will also be live streaming the same on its official portal. DirecTV Serving as the official broadcaster for FIFA World Cup in the Caribbean, DirecTV will also be up with a love streak channel covering up all the games on their official website. Direct TV Now is directly owned by AT & T. This streaming channel commenced in 2016 and the amount of growth it achieved is marvelous. Viewers can view more than 60+ channel and one must pay $35 per month. Like other Online streaming channels Direct TV Now also has a free trial run for 7 days. Now for World cup which is some days away from now, it has launched a very exciting offer for three months and for this, the channel is charging only $10 per month. One can avail premium content free. ITV ITV is one of the popular broadcasting networks in the United Kingdom. You can find live coverage of all matches through ITV. Mobile users can download ITV Hub for iOS, Android, and Windows. Holding a marginal audience share in the UK, ITV is bound to prepare its biggest broadcast. It will be streaming the games live on its website which will surely be lifting up its audience share. Sky For many countries including Chile, New Zealand, and Honduras, Sky will be the official broadcasters for FIFA World Cup 2018. It will be up with a live stream channel too on its official website. Sky Sports is a very well-known channel which is filled with sports like football, cricket, golf, hockey and many other sports. One can download the Sky Sports app on their device and stream the channels as per convenience to get hold of the World Cup matches live. The app can be downloaded in any device available with the user. The app is easily available on iOS and Google play store. SBS Australian fans will be having their eyes glued to SBS as it will be covering an extensive broadcast of the FIFA World Cup 2018. It will be live streaming the World Cup on its official website also. The radio broadcast of all 64 matches will be available on SBS Radio. Craig Foster and Lucy Zelic who will be reporting live updates of World cup from Russia for SBS plus you can also watch the highlights and analysis of each game. SBS is also partnering with Optus which will stream more than 1500 hours of the event in both mobile and PC. The streaming will be available on "The World Game" portal. The official SBS app will have al 64 matches live on your mobile. The new VR app features with amazing viewing angles which includes a wide camera of 180 and 210 and also comes with 360 video on demand view. The radio broadcast will be available on "SBS Radio" which will have thirteen different languages includes English, Arabic, Korean, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Kate Gill, Clint Bolton, and Scott Jamieson bring complete analysis of the match through Radio. SBS commentary Team Martin Tyler (voice of football) brings you the exclusive voice which will thrill you during the Soccer event through SBS. Craig Foster (SBS Football analyst) will also join the team along with Lucy Zelic. Let's check out the full list below. Martin Tyler Craig Foster Lucy Zelic David Basheer Craig Moore David Zdrilic Kwes Sports The new entrants in the world of sports, Kwes Sports will be live streaming the FIFA World Cup 2018 on its official website for many Sub-Saharan Countries. Good news for African football fans as they can watch complete World cup coverage live on Kwese. Kwes Free Sports (KFS) will have the streams of all games. Viewers can download Kwes TV app from their official website. SuperSport The regular suppliers of football in Africa, SuperSport will be ready with a live stream channel covering FIFA World Cup 2018 on its official website. SuperSport is Africa's biggest sports broadcasting network. They are having the language preference of English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Sotho, and Zulu. The will stream the matches in HD quality of all World cup matches. Sony LIV For all the sub-continental countries, Sony Entertainment Network's Sony LIV will be having an exclusive live stream for all the fans on its official website. Sony Network acquired the official rights to broadcast all World cup Russia matches in India and subcontinentnt countries. Fans can Download the Sonyliv app from play store to catch live updates of each game on Mobile. ESPN Free Watch ESPN Free is the best free streaming site for FIFA World Cup 2018. One should have the knowledge that this free streaming channel is a part of the ESPN sports channel. The online streaming for FIFA World Cup 2018 will be very smooth and easy and it is free but one should have a high-speed internet to avail this opportunity. The app can be downloaded in any device available with the user. CBS Mobile users can stream the event through CBS Sports app. One can download the app to any devices available to the user. CBS Sports is the leading sports app which covers almost all sports of the world. The app is easily available on Google play store and IOS. NTV Good news for Kenyan football fans. NTV will officially broadcast all World cup Matches free starting from 14th to 15th July 2018 after an agreement with Kwese Free Sports. YouTube TV Another new online streaming option is Cloud DVR enabled YouTube TV. The Cord cutter experts with a lot of research started the new streaming giant service called YouTube TV. Viewers can receive the facility if watching more than 40 channels and networks through this. One family can have 6 accounts and one can use at least three devices at the same time for watching the same thing or even different thing. To avail Fox Soccer Plus one will have to pay $15 more to the provider. This can be one of the best options but it is available in selected places and cities. This option will be the best option for watching World Cup matches live. Read more about Streaming and Telecast options for World Cup 2018 here. FIFA World Cup online all matches Free Streaming Options Sling TV, Fubo TV, KODI, Live Soccer TV, VipBox, Mobdro, VPN Guru Site, Hotstar are the online streaming channels which allow the Soccer fans to watch the games even if they do not have cable at home. With a monthly subscription of $25 to $35, one can enjoy high quality and seamless view of all the matches live from Russia. All these channels have the free trial run for seven days which every audience can avail. Even if the viewers and billions of fans have no cable connection they will be able to catch the matches by streaming Fox Sports Go in the devices which they have with them like Android, iOS, Kindly, Windows, Roku, Apple TV etc. One has got high-speed internet to see the matches with high definition and good quality picture without any interruption. Apart from the official websites offering live stream for the FIFA World Cup, here is a list of 5 unofficial resources for you to stream the FIFA World Cup officially on your choice of device. FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Stream Free Options Within some few years, cord-cutting has become the recent trend in case of watching live games, matches, shows, and events in place of normal cable TV connection. The main reason behind this is the flexibility of time and place. Some best live streaming services are mentioned here for the convenience of the viewers. How to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Online free without cable. Let's check out some best options below. FuboTV FuboTV is termed as the best online streaming channel for all sports coverage. One who wishes to take the FuboTV connection then one has to pay $19.99 in the first month with a free day trial run. With such a connection one can watch the matches live in NHL, NFL, Rugby, Fox, CBS, ESPN etc. The viewers can live stream the match online in devices available with them like Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone etc. Other than World Cup 2018, viewers can watch many other sports like Premier League, La Liga, Liga MX, Euro 2020 qualifiers, Turkish Super Lig, Swiss Super League, MLS, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, Primeira Liga etc. Without a second thought, you can opt for fuboTV to live stream the FIFA World Cup 2018 in HD quality without paying a single penny. Fubo TV is one of the best American sports streaming portals which includes trials to subscription-based plans. Just take one month plan starting with the basic package and enjoy all World cup games from your home in any quality without any advertisements and stable streams. Sling TV Available for web, Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire App, Sling TV will also come in handy for fans watching the FIFA World Cup 2018. Sling TV is he cheaper than any other online channels in the recent market. Sling TV not only gives access to the sports but also entertainment, news, comedy, movies etc. Through Sling TV viewers will be able to watch all the matches live as per their time zones and even the replays of the match. It is important to note that all Fox TV Channels are available if one takes the connection with Sling Blue package at $25 per month. It is always advisable to start using the channel with a 7 days free trial run. KODI The ultimate option for all football lovers, KODI will be live streaming the FIFA World Cup 2018 also. You need to add Kodi Add-ons to watch all matches online through subscription. Let's check out some free and paid add-ons for Kodi below Subscription based Fox Sports Go NBCSN Free Add-ons cCloud TV SportsDevil Kodi StreamHub Kodi (Mobdro) VipBox For an entirely VIP like experience, you can switch to the VipBox and stream the FIFA World Cup 2018 on your device. Just go to their official portal check for world cup matches. Mobdro Providing one of the highest quality streams of all the qualification games, Mobdro has already got itself bookmarked in many football fans' internet browsers. Though not available for iOS users, Mobdro is bound to come in handy for millions of football fans. PlayStation Vue PlayStation Vue is same as other streaming channels. It was earlier launched and was used by the Play Station users. Now, this facility is available for all and on all podiums. All type of packages is available against which one can stream not only FIFA World Cup 2018 live but can see other channels. There is a 5-day free trial run and then it charges $ 39.99. One can cancel the connection anytime. PlayStation Vue does not have the option of watching more sports events like Sling, FUBO, And Direct TV. One will get the access to World Cup 2018, Women World Cup 2019, UEFA Champions League, MLS, Europa League, FA CUP, Euro 2020 and Euro 2020 qualifiers. Live Soccer TV Live Soccer TV is the best streaming site for watching the FIFA World Cup 2018 online. It is not only streaming the game online live from the stadium in Russia but one can get a thorough knowledge of all the matches held at different stadiums on the same day. One will get the live scores very smoothly. This Soccer TV will give an online update of the list of other channels through which one can stream the FIFA world Live. One can even know the upcoming matches online on this TV. The Viewers should try this site without fail. VPN Guru Site VPN Guru site is a superb site for streaming FIFA World Cup 2018. This is the site which will direct the viewers to the channels which are enabling to watch the match live even without having any cable network. In this site, one can get the entire list of the channels which are showing the matches live from Russia. The user will not face any problem while using the site as the interface of the site is very simple. One has to just pay a minimum subscription so that the viewers experience a seamless view of the match. Hot Star Hot Star is regarded as the best online live streaming site for FIFA World Cup 2018. The site is designed mainly for live streaming of FIFA World Cup 2018. The site is so designed that one can also view other games and sports with the help of other channels. The best aspect of Hotstar is that it consumes very fewer data and gives a wide range of access to the match. It will give a very seamless view to the football audience which will help them to cover the matches with a very high range and expectation. Viewers can also download the hotstar app from Google playstore to enjoy World cup matches from Mobiles. Roku App The people whose lifestyle is on cord-cutting, for them Roku app is appropriate. Roku app does not ask for any authentication whereas another streaming channel will ask for authentication which installation. This means if one does not have cable connection one can watch the Match live by just streaming through Roku app. If the viewer streams ESPN2 then they will ask for authentication but in case of ESON3 streaming, there is no need for any authentication. This will allow easy seamless streaming. Devices like iPad, Apple TV, iPhone, Fire TV does not ask for any validation. DirecTV With a monthly subscription of $35 for DirectTV one can view more than 60 channels. Direct TV owned by AT & T is the official broadcaster of World Cup 2018 in the Caribbean countries and one can use their official website for live streaming the matches. Direct TV also has a streaming channel which the audiences use not only for sports but for other events as well. Hulu TV Hulu TV can be compared with Netflix because it gives the option of much better streaming in terms of quality and coverage. The new expansion of Hulu TV came with Live TV. It is bit expensive than other online streaming channels. The viewers who wish to watch every World Cup match live with the help of Hulu TV have to subscribe the channel at $39.99 per month with a free trial run for a week. FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Live Online using VPN Virtual Private Network has a big advantage of allowing one to change the geographical location. If any service is available only in UK, one can change the IP Address to that selected location and can stream the channels without any barring. One must go for the Express VPN service because of the speed and the quality. It also assures the confidentiality of the user. The VPN is installed in the device and then after choosing the location and the servers with a doubleclick, the connection will run successfully. But one should patiently wait for a successful run of the VPN. One can watch the matches live seamlessly in their device by choosing the Fox Sports. FIFA World Cup is the most awaited soccer and it is watched across the Globe. More than 40 billion people watch the World cup. Those teams can take part in world cup who all are the members of National teams of Federation Internationale de Football Association. FIFA World Cup 2018 is the 21st World Cup which will be hosted in Russia. In this World Cup, the defending Champion will be Germany as it won the Brazil World Cup 2017. Now the question arises about the ways of watching all the matches of World cup without cable network from June 14th till July 15th, 2018. For fans who won't have any official broadcast available, VPNs serve as the perfect solution for their football problems. By buying a VPN and then creating a gateway you can get access to any of your desired official live stream channel. Here are the top 3 VPNs for you to choose from. ExpressVPN The most used VPN across the globe, ExpressVPN provides you with a list of streams for 145 locations to choose from. It has its servers located across Australia, US, and the UK, which ensures you get a completely interruption free live stream. NordVPN Coming at almost half the price of ExpressVPN, NordVPN assures you of added security. It doesn't save a single bit of your data. However, due to its limited server locations, it fails to provide a full speed live stream on some occasions. PrivateVPN Offering everything which a VPN provider can provide, PrivateVPN has managed to pull quite a few subscribers to its relatively expensive services. It has excellent server locations in over 55 countries ensuring that you don't end up getting after disappointed paying them. For Mobile Users This year in 2018, FIFA World Cup will not be beyond the reach of millions of football lovers. One who has no cable connection can surely enjoy every pulse of each match in any of the devices available with them like laptops, desktops, mobiles, Android, iPad, iPhone or any other same type of devices. Most of us are on the move throughout the day and to catch the matches live one should know which streaming channel will be best for watching the matches seamlessly. Some of the best online streaming sites for FIFA World Cup 2018 are mentioned here for easy reference. There are many good online streaming apps which will enable the viewers to watch the match without any hassle. These apps are one of the best apps and they have the very simple interface which does not give any trouble to the users. How to watch FIFA World Cup on Mobile? Just follow the guidelines below to stream World cup on mobile phones. First, download the FIFA Official App, Onefootball, ESPN for Mobile or any application which streams World cup for Android or iOs users. Now Install and open the App. Select the matches you want to watch. Enjoy the game Note: Don't download and use unofficial World cup apps to watch the matches as they contain only advertisements and will not stream any games. World Cup 2018 Live Stream in Different Countries Billions of football fans will be watching all the football matches live in the stadiums of Russia and some who do not have any cable connection in their home will watch the matches with the help of online streaming from anywhere they are in and out. So, let's check out complete streaming rights and official TV broadcasters for World Cup Russia 2018 in different Countries below. India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka All 64 matches from Russia will be aired live in Sony Network which is a part of Sony ESPN and Sony Ten 2. One who does not have the cable facilities with the help of high-speed internet can watch the matches live in their devices like laptops, desktops, mobiles, Android, iPhone, iPad can stream the matches online on United Kingdom BBC is the official broadcaster of FIFA World Cup 2018 in the United Kingdom. UK football fans can watch all the 64 matches by streaming on ITV Channel. United States of America Football fans in the USA will be able to watch all the matches in Fox which is the official broadcaster of FIFA in the US and this channel will provide their link so that the audiences can live stream through their device with a very high-speed internet service. Australia SBS in Australia will be airing the live coverage for all 64 matches. There are many official broadcasting channels which will also live stream the FIFA 2018 in their respective channels. The List of such Live online streaming channels is given below for proper reference. The Middle East and North Africa beIN is the official broadcaster in the Middle East and Africa and the audience without cable can live stream their website and watch the matches live on their devices. Football lovers need to just download the CBS app on their Android, iPhone, iPad, laptop or desktop and can watch all the matches live by streaming CBS online. The app is available for iOS and Google play store. SuperSport is another African Channel which will show all the matches of the World Cup 2018 and one can stream the matches online in their devices through their official website. Sub Saharan Countries Kwese Sports is a very new sports channel which provides the option of online live streaming of the FIFA 2018 to the audience of Sub Saharan Countries. All audiences will be able to watch the matches live by streaming their official website. Streaming on Social Media FOX has tied up with Twitter and Snapchat to come up with a live stream channel for the FIFA World Cup 2018. On YouTube, FIFA TV will be up with its regular highlights package, interviews, and other stuff. Facebook too will have many live stream channels coming up when FIFA World Cup kicks off. As of now, no streaming is scheduled on Facebook. Recent updates show that Fox tied up with Twitter and Snapchat in order to give coverage of all the matches in Social Media and even the special moments of the matches. Besides these YouTube and FIFA tube will come up daily with the match highlights, interview special moments and after events of each match. Facebook will also have a live streaming channel during the kick-off time of the World Cup. Let's check out some best social media platforms to watch Soccer World Cup Free Online. Reddit Reddit is one of the best options to watch World cup matches for free. Lot of World cup subreddits will post streaming links during each match. We will update the reddit links in the coming days. Soccerstreams is a famous subreddit which have millions of subscribers and they post high-quality links to the games. Stay tuned. Youtube One of the easiest ways to watch the World Cup is on Youtube. There will lot of unlisted live streams available during each match of Russia World Cup. YoutubeTV will have the official streams to the matches. We will update the links before the start of each game. Fans can tune in to HD or SD quality on Youtube. Hope you find this little piece of text written by a football fan for other football fans useful. For details about broadcasters in any specific country, drop in a mail to us, and we'll get back to you with the answer. Twitter Good news for Twitter users, Twitter Inc officially partnered with Fox Inc to stream World cup matches from Day one. Fans can follow the #fifaworldcup2018 hashtag to get latest updates, previews, and highlights of each game with live scores. United States people can follow @FOXsoccer on Twitter. Twitter Australia partners with SBS and will have special World cup shows during each match day which includes, analysis, highlights, top moments of each game etc. The show coverage starts at 7:30 pm (AEST). Lucy Zelic will host the event on Twitter. Use the hashtag #WorldGameLive to get live updates of the show. Facebook There is no news about the official streaming of Russia World cup on Facebook. Still, there will be pages which broadcast all matches for free. We will update page links here. Groups and Teams A total of eight groups included four teams in each group. We have Portugal in Group B followed by Argentina in Group D and Brazil in Group E. Let's check out full groups and teams for World cup Russia in the table below. Group A Group B Russia Portugal Saudi Arabia Spain Egypt Morocco Uruguay Iran Group C Group D France Argentina Australia Iceland Peru Croatia Denmark Nigeria Group E Group F Brazil Germany Switzerland Mexico Costa Rica Sweden Serbia South Korea Group G Group H Belgium Poland Panama Senegal Tunisia Colombia England Japan World Cup Predictions It's time to make free votes of your favorite teams to win FIFA World Cup Russia 2018. Who Will Win FIFA World Cup 2018 Argentina Brazil Germany Portugal Russia France Serbia Poland England Spain Belgium Iceland Switzerland Croatia Sweden Denmark Uruguay Colombia Peru Mexico Costa Rica Panama Iran South Korea Japan Saudi Arabia Australia Tunisia Nigeria Morocco Senegal Egypt Sponsorship details Let's have a quick list of FIFA World Cup partners and sponsors for 2018 below. Partners Sponsors Adidas Coca-Cola Gazprom Hyundai Qatar Airways VISA Wanda Group Anheuser-Busch InBev Hisense McDonald's Mengniu Dairy Vivo Important things to remember How many teams will qualify for World Cup Russia 2018 A total of Thirty Two teams will participate in the tournament. Who will host 2018 Football World cup The 21st edition of world cup will take place in Russia. First time, World cup will be held at two continents (Europe and Asia) Can I watch the big event from Stadium Yes, Go and get the tickets for the all matches through online. Who are the current winners of World Cup Germany beats Argentina in last World Cup. How much is World Cup trophy worth From the latest figures, the trophy worth 10 Million dollars (Estimated). Who scored most goals in FIFA World Cup Miroslav Klose scored 16 Goals which is the current record in World Cup History. How many people watched last World Cup The reports says, around 3.2 billion people around the globe watched the big event on 2014. Who is the highest goal scorer playing in this World Cup Thomas Mller scored ten goals and is currently playing for Germany in 2018 World Cup. How to get live scores of FIFA World Cup 2018 There are a lot of live score portals which give you timely updates of each and every match in FIFA World Cup Russia 2018. If you are not able to watch the game live online, just follow the live score websites. Sites like ESPN, BBC, and Flashscore brings you World cup 2018 live scores. Best live score portals to follow Sofascore Flashscore Livescore BBC ESPN Apart from this, Google and Bing will directly show the live scores and updates of each World cup matches. Just type "World cup 2018 live scores" and get the goals and score updates. What's New We are inching closer to one of the biggest sporting event in the world. Let's check out the latest updates from FIFA World Cup Russia 2018. FIFA Officially and fully approved Video review system to help referees at 2018 Russia World Cup. Referees will use the newly developed Hublot's watch to check for goals. The watch comes with 410mAh battery and 400 x 400 Amoled Screen. Hublot is the official sponsor of Russia World Cup. Teams can have a fourth substitute option during the extra time. How can I watch highlights of each game? If you miss any World Cup games live, just watch the highlights show. There are a lot of online channels which will retelecast the matches with key moments and goals. There is a subreddit named "soccer" which will show all goals and highlights in gif format. Youtube is another option which gives HD replays of all games. Hotstar is an online channel which will have all post videos of World Cup. Official Mascot for Russia World Cup Zabivaka is the official Mascot for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018. I Russian, Zabivaka means "the one who scores" which resembles a confident and charming Wolf. The Mascot plays a crucial role during the event. Zabivaka is busy these days Yes, The wolf is busy in promoting World Cup 2018 around the world. Zabivaka will also entertain you in stadiums during all games. Zabivaka is selected as the Official Mascot through Voting by the Russians. More than one million people vote for this stunning Wolf. Where can I buy official Merchandise and Jerseys for World Cup Russia Merchandise and Jerseys are available on the official website of FIFA. Just go to FIFA Store and pick up your favorite items for World cup. The store includes Jerseys, stickers, wall chart poster, hats and soccer balls. You can use Visa cards to buy the items. FIFA World Cup 2018 host nation/venue The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be held in Russia. That is why, as the hosting nation, Russia got qualified to play the world cup. The matches will be played in 12 different stadiums in 11 different cities. Almost all of the stadiums are newly inaugurated. 10 out of 12 stadiums are completely new or built recently. About Match Ball The official match ball for FIFA World cup Russa was named as "Telstar 18". The ball was designed by Adidas. The name was revealed by Lionel Messi (Golden ball winner of 2014 World Cup) in a presentation ceremony in Moscow. World cup Match Ball Preview Name: Telstar 18 Design: Adidas Revealed by: Lionel Messi Host Country Since 2009 the Bidding procedure started for hosting the tournament and there were nine countries who took part in the bidding procedure. After all processes on December 2010 FIFA announced that the World Cup in 2018 will be played in Russia. There will be 64 matches played in 12 Ground or stadiums in 11 cities. The inauguration match and the final match will take place in Luzhniki Stadium. Stadiums Football World Cup 2018 will be held at twelve stadiums. Let's check out the Venue names below. 1. Luzhniki Stadium (Moscow): Started in 1956 with a capacity of 80,000 seats. You can watch eleven matches from this stadium including the Finals. 2. Saint Petersburg Stadium (Saint Petersburg): A total capacity of 67,000 seats which was opened in 2017. Seven matches will be played at this venue which includes Semifinals and Round of 16 matches. 3. Fisht Stadium at Soch: 48,000 fans can watch the games live from the stadium. This venue was opened in 2013. Six matches will be played in this stadium starting from Portugal vs Spain Group B thriller. 4. Ekaterinburg Arena (Ekaterinburg): A total of 45000 seats are available for the World Cup matches. The stadium was opened in 2017 and the works still going on. Four matches will be played starting from 15th June 2018 (Egypt vs Uruguay) game. 5. Kazan Arena (Kazan): 45,000 fans can watch the biggest football event slive from Kazan Arena. The stadium was opened in 2013. Six matches will be played in thos venue starting with France vs Australia match on 16th June 2018. 6. Nizhny Novgorod Stadium (Nizhny Novgorod): The stadium was opened recently in 2017 which can accumulated 45,000 people. A total of six matches including Quarte finals and round games will be played here. Prize Money The winners of Russia World Cup will get 38 Million USD and the Runners-up will be awarded 28 Million USD. Check the rest of the prize money details below. Third Place: 24 Million USD Fourth place: 22 Million USD Tickets Tickets for World cup Russia is already on sale. The first phase sale of tickets are now closed and now the final phase will be open on 18th April 2018 which last until the start of the World cup. Fans can purchase the tickets through the official website of FIFA. You can find all details to buy tickets online here. Opening Ceremony Surely, you can expect some mind-blowing entertainment during the FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony. We have no official confirmation about the performers and schedule of the opening ceremony events. Don't miss out any moment of the show. We bring you exclusive updates on the day. FIFA World Cup Finals 2018 World cup finals will be the most watched event of this year. Finals will be on 15th July 2018. Live coverage starts at 18:00 MSK (UTC+3). Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow will host the event. Let's check out the quick preview of the finals below. =2018


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