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Wedding Date__________________ ID#(For Office Use Only)________ Bride________________________ Groom________________________ Primary Address______________________________________________ Primary Phone#_______________________________________________ Address After Wedding_________________________________________ Email Address________________________________________________ Ceremony Location____________________________________________ Ceremony Time & Special Instructions_____________________________ Reception Location____________________________________________ Reception Time & Special Instructions_____________________________ Photographer_________________________________________________ Referred By__________________________________________________ Total cost of service: $60,000 Amount after retainer: $30,000 1. It is understood that YORKALI WALTERS (from herewith will be referred to as THE PHOTOGRAPHER) is the exclusive Photographer retained by _____________ and _____________________ (from herewith will be referred to as the Bride and Groom) to cover this event. The Photographer shall provide photography services for Bride and Groom consisting of: Getting ready/bridal party preparation, Wedding Ceremony, Posed Post Ceremony Photographs (which will include but not limited to family portraits, bridal party portraits, bride and groom portraits) and the Reception. No less than 500 finished photographs will be delivered upon post- production of the day's events. 2. Client assumes all responsibilities for obtaining any necessary permission, clearance permits, etc., which may be required for THE PHOTOGRAPHER to capture eff ectively each event, public or private. Client assumes all responsibility for obtaining and retaining permission for access to any requested camera positions and is solely responsible for the quality of the final production resulting from the use of, or inability to use, such camera positions. The Bride and Groom warrants that they have the legal rights to anything THE PHOTOGRAPHER will capture and guests, by there presence at this event gives the THE PHOTOGRAPHER the right and permission to capture their likeness during the event. The Bride and Groom agree to indemnify and hold THE PHOTOGRAPHER harmless for any loss, damage, or liability for infringement of any rights arising from the use or sale of imagery The Bride and Groom hires THE PHOTOGRAPHER to produce, edit, or duplicate. 3. THE PHOTOGRAPHER reserves the right to use videos and photos for display, publication or other purposes upon permission from The Bride and Groom. All image masters and photographs remain the exclusive property of THE PHOTOGRAPHER. 4. The Bride and Groom reserves the right to terminate the contract for any reason at any time up to the date of the event. Should The Bride and Groom terminate the contract, all monies paid less the retainer will be refunded. 5. The Bride and Groom have critically viewed samples of THE PHOTOGRAPHER's work and hereby grants full editorial and production control to THE PHOTOGRAPHER all aspects of the production and post-production services for the event. 6. All personal property provided by client to THE PHOTOGRAPHER for utilization in the postproduction of their photographs is received by THE PHOTOGRAPHER at the complete and total risk of The Bride and Groom. THE PHOTOGRAPHER will make every eff ort to ensure the safekeeping of The BRIDE and GROOM's personal property while in its possession and return same to client upon delivery of the final set of pictures. 7. If THE PHOTOGRAPHER fails to comply with the terms of this agreement due to any event or at beyond the control of THE PHOTOGRAPHER, including but not limited to illness, accident, labor disputes, acts of God and other catastrophes, or uncontrollable and unforeseeable equipment failure, THE PHOTOGRAPHER's liability is limited only to a refund of all monies received. 8. DELIVERY FORMAT: THE PHOTOGRAPHER will deliver, in high resolution the final set ofa images in digital form on a DVD. In addition to the images a complimentary slideshow highlighting key moments of the wedding will also be delivered via DVD. All images will also be made available online via a third-party service for The Bride and Groom and or any friend, family or affiliate of The Bride and Groom with access to said album of online images for the ordering of prints at The Bride and Groom's leisure. 9. TIMELINES. Within 7 days of the event a preview set of images covering the entire days events, of no less than 10 photographs, will be delivered via the internet. Within two to three weeks after the event, the full set of wedding photographs will be delivered via DVD. 10. The Bride and Groom shall indemnify and hold harmless Photographer from any loss, damage or liability resulting from Bride and Groom's violation of the terms of this Agreement or any agreement involving Bride and Groom and the Photographer. Bride and Groom shall indemnify Photographer and hold him harmless from and against any claim by any other person or entity resulting from the performance of his services under this agreement. 11. The Bride and Groom will pay a 50% retainer to secure the booking date of the wedding, 25% on the day of the wedding and the balance upon delivery of the final images. 12. This Agreement constitutes a single integrated contract expressing the entire agreement of Bride and Groom and Photographer with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous oral and written agreements and discussions with respect to the subject matter hereof, and, except as specifically set forth herein, there are no other agreements, representations, promises or inducements, written or oral, express or implied, between the parties hereto with respect to the subject matter hereof. I/we have read and agree to the terms and conditions printed on this contract. Accepted: Client:_________________________________ Date:_________________________ Client:_________________________________ Accepted: Yorkali Walters: _________________________ Date:_________________________

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