VC Funding in the North West

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VC Funding in the North West Manoj Ranaweera +44 7769734491 Funding Support for R&D Within the ICT Sector 10th July 2013 @ Liverpool Innovation Park WhoamI? ebdexEIPPHub edocr.comSocialnetworkfordocuments TechEntrepreneur Techcelerate NorthernTechAwards TechEcosystem Cazoomi,SanFrancisco,USA BT(interim),UK CausewayTechnologies,UK Technology CompanyAdvisor ParsonsBrinckerho(ownedbyBalfourBeaLy) ParsonsCorporaNons BigCompany Experience 2300+Strongcommunity(techentrepreneurs,investors&dealmakers) Over100eventsandworkshopsheld HistoryofTechcelerate 1st Tech Mission London Nov 2006 Sep 2007 Jun 2009 Apr 2010 Feb 2010 help from TechCrunch & KPMG Membership fees Rebranded Started charging for events 2011 Jan 2012 Launched Northern Tech Awards Year Ended with 20 events CrowdsolvingNo.1Problem Startup4Slaughter Monthlyroundtablediscussions FoundersClub Pitchingtorealinvestors DragonsLair+MeetTheVC NorthmeetSouthinLondon TechMissionLondon RecognisingandcelebraNngtechentrepreneurship NorthernTechAwards Manywaystoskinacat CapsuleCRM Bootstrap CANDDi Screach Accelerators IntuiNveBusinessIntelligence AngelFunding iNeed(50kin4days) CrowdFunding Malinko/LiquidBronze APP55 VentureBacked ITSTechnologyGroup ComplexFinancing K3BTG Outsourcery IPOs RealityMine LxxxSxxx(stealth) SpinOuts Acceleratorsaremushrooming Springboardmerged JonBradford TechStarsFranchise IndexVentures SaulKlein/ReshmaSohoni SeedCamp TheDierenceEngine JonBradford/PaulSmith Ignite100 ParsonsBrinckerho(ownedbyBalfourBeaLy) ParsonsCorporaNons OxygenAccelerator Sheeld LeeStraord/JonBradford DotForge HackFwd Manyothers HowdoyoumeetInvestors? Events Hackathons Pitching Events IntroducOons AXMVC 50kto1.5m Digital&CreaOve CTInvestmentPartners 50kto2m Energy& Environmental SparkImpact 50kto1.2m Biomedical EVGroup 750kto2m Mezzaine FWCapital 50kto750k LoanPlus EVGroup 50kto2m VC

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