3g dual sim modem

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3g dual sim modem Main: Industrial class, with two sim card slot; Interface:4 RJ45 LAN Port + option (1 RJ45 WAN port, 1 RS232/RS485); VPN (PPTP,IPsec); DDNS, DHCP, NAT/NAPT, Web, Auto-dial, always online, watch-dog; One module two sim. One sim work online, the other standby, switch freely, cold standby failure backup each other. Five working mode: 1) SIM1 only 2) SIM2 only 3) SIM1 preferred 4) SIM2 preferred Option feature of 3g dual sim modem: 1) WAN RJ45 for xDSL; 2) WiFi 3) DTU feature(RS232/RS485 to cellular gateway. RS232 and RS485 select one before order); 4) GPS; 5) Internal battery 6) Video Server H700 series Cellular Router model name: H700w -- WCDMA HSPA version; (HSDPA+HSUPA, E-Lins name HSDPA and HSUPA version both as WCDMA version. Combine H700d and H700u as for H700w. ); H700p -- HSPA+ version; H700ev -CDMA2000 EVDO version; H700td -- TD-SCDMA version; H700t -- 4G LTE version; For details, please refer to the datasheet. Please confirm what you need before order. View the website.

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