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​ 5 Important Questions To Ask Before Going For Hair Transplant Are you going to undergo a hair transplant in Ahmedabad? If you are nodding, we must praise you for your huge decision because hair transplant is considered as the best procedure for hair loss or male pattern baldness. The Avenues clinic is a premier place for the ​Best Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad and many patients visit the clinic for the surgery. You may be one of them if you have not finalized the clinic for the treatment. The Avenues clinic is known to provide excellent services in the field of hair transplant surgery. this is the reason, the experts of the clinic are capable of assisting the patients efficiently. One of the prime traits of this clinic is that it allows the patients to ask as many questions as they want. All the questions asked by the patients and the answers given by the experts ensure proper communication between the expert and patient. The expert usually enjoys the question-answer session because they want to make everything clear everything before the surgery. We have selected five main questions that the patients usually ask while they sit with the surgeon for the first time. We have provided possible answers to the questions as well. Read and enjoy it! Are You The Right Surgeon For Me? Hey! We know you cannot ask this directly but there may be some indirect ways to make sure he deserves to treat you. For example, you may ask about his experience. Moreover, asking for before-after photos is another way to be assured of the success after the treatment. Am I The Right Candidate? In most of the cases, you need not ask the question since the surgeon is going to check your scalp and hair thoroughly to decide your candidacy. He will go ahead only if you are found to experience male pattern baldness. Which Technique Are you Going To Use? Usually, the experts treat the patients with the help of two main techniques called follicular unit transplant or follicular unit extraction. Either of the two techniques is used by the experts. Before the surgery, you must enquire about the hair transplant technique. Is The Hair Transplant Painful? Mostly the patients are aware of the surgical nature of hair transplants. Therefore, they are afraid of pain and side effects after or before the surgery. in real, the surgeon is not painful because the surgeon usually administers anesthesia before the surgery to numb the treated area. Do I Have To Follow Some Instructions? Certainly, you need to follow. Do you not do while you undergo other surgical methods? These instructions may include taking medicines, taking care of the treated area, activities after the surgery, and many more. Final words Hair loss patients are generally curious to know about the ways to cure baldness. Thus, they may ask a question and the experts welcome these questions while they provide the ​Best Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad ​. Therefore, if you want to ask some questions, go ahead with full confidence. Good luck!


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