How to Get Rid of bats Without Killing Them

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How to Remove Bats From the Attic Without Killing Them? Bat colonies roost in a safe place and bats reside in the attic. If you are stressed with the bats in attic then do not worry because you can get an easy and a permanent solution. Removing bats is not a simple task and especially when you do not have enough experience in removing the bats from your house. You need an effective, humane and a legal method to get rid of bats. Bats must not be harmed during the removal process. Getting rid of bats is not an easy task. You will need wildlife removal professional’s services for removing the bats. If you want to get more information on this then contacting a local bat removal expert will be a good idea. The expert will explain to you about the process and will also educate you on the subject so you can take necessary precautions in the future. Thus, you can avoid bats from entering your attic. Well, if you have bats in attic and want to remove them without causing any harm to the bats then a professional will do the following for you. Doing an inspection: The professionals will find how the bats are getting in and out of the attic so they will run a proper inspection. Bats fly out at night and fly back at dawn. They make many trips at night and roost in tight hot areas. Attic is the best place for bats to roost. They leave a lot of droppings all over the attic. Professionals have the expertise and knowledge to understand the different bat species because it will help them to perform the exclusion appropriately. Bats show different behaviors and they hibernate at different times as well. While planning their exclusion, it is important to know about all these details so the exclusion can be done legally and in a humane way. Sealing: Bats enter the attic from different gaps and holes. Finding these areas is vital. These holes and gaps are very tiny which is half an inch. If you are not a professional then you might miss these. A professional will funnel the bats out from their primary entry and exit holes. Bats enter from non primary places as well and all of these need to be sealed. Before exclusion, these are not sealed. Bats Damage Photos:- Exclusion- Professionals installs one-way exclusion devices on primary entry and exit areas and then as per the architecture exclusion netting, screening, cones and cones are used depending on what is the best option as per the professional. This is a natural process to help bats to fly out. The exclusion is done in such a way that bats can fly out but they cannot come inside. Conclusion: So, these are the three major steps which are taken by the professionals to keep the bats away from the attic. It is a natural process and gives you complete peace of mind as well. You are not killing the bats here, you are just routing them to some other destination so at the end of the day you will have a bat free house and there will be no guilt of killing the mammals as well. If you are struggling with bats in your attic house then contact the professionals today and make your life easy. View contact details in following Address – Georgia Bat Control 1804 Hidden Glen Dr, Marietta, GA, USA Post Code - 30067 Email - Phone – 678-922-2928 URL -

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