Can Your Carpets Repel Stains

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Can Your Carpets Repel Stains? Is that even possible? Can your carpets and rugs actually repel stains and spills? Would it be finally feasible for you to cut down on your Carpet Cleaning DC expenses in Washington DC? Before we delve further let’s understand what it is actually. Stain Resistance You can describe your carpet as having “stain resistance” when its fibers repel any kind of spills and liquids. This is to say that there is a significant delay in or most probably no absorption of liquids or spills or stains of any kind. This means all your wool and certain polyester carpeting are actually paying off. Stain Treatment This is an entirely different concept on the other hand. You can opt for a stain treatment for all your expensive carpets and rugs. A spray can be applied to your carpets, rugs and mats that coats their fibers and makes them stain resistant. Keeping Your Carpets Clean Well, the ideal way to keep your carpets clean in the first place is to keep your house clean and don’t let any loose dirt and soil get near the carpet. Maintain strict hygiene in your home. Cleaning once a month is enough to ensure that no dirt and allergens settle in your beautiful carpets. And of course avoid any and all kinds of spills at all costs. Keep liquids, oils, lotions, fruits and all other staining edible items and everything that threatens the beauty of your carpets away from them and you are sorted. Seems like an impossible task right? Well it kind of is and I don’t blame you. Easy Way Out? Like I said opt for stain repellant carpets and rugs that delay and/or avoid absorption of liquids and stains into their fibers. And if you are not able to find the right material anywhere in Carpet Cleaning Washington DC, you can always count on the services of the leading carpet cleaning companies in the city. They are professional, affordable, and deliver more than satisfactory results every time. Lotus Green Carpet & Rug Care 910 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20006 202-803-7949


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