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Live Suite Pro Review: Traffic is the "Life Blood" of any business!!! Live Suite Pro: Traffic is the "Life Blood" of any business, If your Business is NOT acquiring fresh TRAFFIC all the time, it will die off sooner than you think. Live Suite Pro is the Only web based Live Video Marketing Suite that allows users the Ability to Schedule Live Videos, Send Auto Messages to people who comments, Show Live Real Time Reactions, Run Tickers, Run Live Videos In Premium Placeholders and Go live on Multiple pages and groups simultaneously on Facebook! Live Suite Pro's Key Features: Schedule Your Live Video One and Only App in the World which allows you to Schedule your Facebook Live. You no longer need bulky and costly webinar platform to interact with your audience or fan following. With FB Live, You can interact with them face to face LIVE FREE OF COST forever. Your Audience will receive Real Time FB Notifications as soon as you Go Live on Facebook. 3 Steps: Open -> Set Date & Time -> Schedule Send Automated Messages Live Suite Pro will Send a Personalized Response to every Customer who Comments on your Facebook Live while you concentrate on your FB Live without having to worry about replying to the audience. 100% Inbox delivery will Boost your conversions and profits go through the roof. Your audience will be Thrilled to see this Live Real Time Response to their every Reaction. 3 Steps: Open -> Set Automated message -> Click Approve Show Live User Reactions Show user reactions inside your Facebook Live in real time, generating huge excitement and engagement. Connect with people's emotions and show Real Time Engagements inside your Facebook Live. 3 Steps: Open -> Insert User Reactions -> Click Start Go Live on Multiple Pages and Groups at Once Go Live on Multiple Locations at ONCE. Instant Syndication of your Facebook Live on all of your Fan Pages and Groups. Notify All of your fans, subscribers, customers at once about your FB Live to increase your LIVE Audience up to ten folds. More Visitor means more exposure of your live video which in turn means more audience and business leads every day. 3 Steps: Open -> Select Pages & Groups -> Share Run Live Tickers in your Live Videos Make your FB Live highly professional using LIVE Tickers On Your FB Live Videos just like news channel program shows at the bottom of the screen about latest update news. This will give you a supreme authority in live space with unbeatable class videos. 3 Steps: Open -> Set Ticker Updates & Time of Appearance -> Play Live Suite Pro Mobile App (iOS & Android) All the features of 'Live Suite Pro' will be available on their iOS and Android Mobile App to make your mobile GO. You can Schedule, Share, Show Reactions, Send Automated Texts and insert Tickers in your Live Video anytime On The Go when you are traveling or you are out with your Friends. Their Mobile App will take care of all of your Engagement just like software. 3 Steps: Login -> Select Features -> Go Live 10 Premium Live Video Placeholders Templates Select One Of the Live Video Placeholder Template from drop down to increase your FB Live Aesthetics & gather special attention of audience Pertaining to unique placeholder in which your FB Live Video will run. Nobody does it till now which means attention grabbing strategy to use before your competitors know of this feature. 3 Steps: Selection Placeholder -> Set Live Settings -> Go Live Check Brands & Celebrities Who are using FB Live to Boost Engagement with Audience How Does Live Suite Pro Work? Exclusive Bonuses Of Live Suite Pro: Fast Action Bonus #1 - Social Media Picture Profile (Value: 97$) Huge collection professional social media display picture gives the best impression to your audience! Fast Action Bonus #2 - Social Media Headers(VALUE: $99) Huge collection professional Facebook and Twitter cover gives the best impression to your audience! Fast Action Bonus #3 E-commerce Firesale (VALUE: $197) There's No Better Place To Discover The Methods Of Building Yourself A Successful And Profitable Online Empire Than Here they Will Show You How You Too Can Accumulate A Huge.. Fast Action Bonus #4 - How To Raise Fast Cash (VALUE: $99) How Would You Like To Shortcut Your Way To Generating Quick Cash Online And Smashing It Like A Pro? Discover Fast And Easy Methods To Massive Funds Day In, Day Out. No Experience. No Product. No Website! Fast Action Bonus #5 - Snapchat For Entrepreneurs (VALUE: $67) There's No Better Place To Discover The Methods Of Building Yourself A Successful And Profitable Online Empire Than Here They Will Show You How You Too Can Accumulate A Huge.. Fast Action Bonus #6 - Grow Your Facebook Audience (VALUE: $99) How To Build And Grow Your Facebook Audience! Fast Action Bonus #7 - Membership Planning (VALUE: $97) PREPARE: Learn Exactly How To Plan Your Membership Site To Generate Max Conversions! Fast Action Bonus #8 - Simple Membership Generator (VALUE: $99) Easy To Use Software Generates A Super Profitable Membership Site In Just A Few Simple Steps! Fast Action Bonus #9 - FBA Profit Mastery (VALUE: $97) Finally, Learn How To Be Successful With Amazon FBA Starting Today! Fast Action Bonus #10 - Regular Event Countdown Plugin (VALUE: $67) Maximize productivity and make sure your audience NEVER misses another of your scheduled events: save time and get more people to every one of your events! 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