Enjoy Diet Fee Weekends (Cheat Days) And Lose Weight

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Why Cheating On Your Diet Every Week Is Beneficial For Your Weight Loss If you need to lose weight, you are probably willing to follow any weight-loss diet. While this diet may work for you, I believe the thought of eating less and going without your favorite foods from now on is not a pleasant experience. Fortunately, there is hope. Science has shown that sometimes cheating on your diet is not a problem. It may actually be the key to success in your diet. That probably sounds strange, but it's true. Keep reading to find out why cheating or freeing yourself from dieting on the weekends is good when you're trying to lose weight. To lose weight (or more precisely to reduce body fat percentage), you need to eat better and eat less. It is difficult because it tends to leave you hungry and you miss your favorite foods. Giving them up is not easy psychologically. But consuming fewer calories is not easy physiologically. The body adapts to changing situations. If you eat too much, the body stores the excess as fat. Your body will also adapt to a large reduction in calories. If the number of calories you consume drops significantly, eventually your body adapts to this change. It adapts by going into starvation mode, as if you were in the middle of a famine. If your body is in starvation mode, it adapts in a variety of ways. First it tries to save as much energy as it can, in the form of fat in case of "famine". Second, your metabolism slows way down to conserve energy. In this low-energy state, you become weak and cranky as your body cut back. Adding insult to injury, saving the body more energy by cutting down on things like repairs and maintenance. Over time, the joints start to become creaky and you get hurt more often. If things go on for too long, your body will use muscle as fuel, rather than give up the stored fat calories. The aim of the body is to survive until there is more food. As you can imagine, the results are ugly. You end up listless, with little energy to exercise. If you manage to train, the training will be low quality. You are more likely to be injured, and it takes a long time to recover. Everything you eat is stored as blubber around your waist. The muscles can actually start to fade away. Starvation mode is clearly not conducive to train hard and get really fit. This is why you need to cheat. Your body does not jump from the normal mode into starvation mode if you skip meals one day. You must be short of food for several days before it goes into starvation mode. If you do not experience the significant shortage of calories for that number of days, your body will not begin to run into starvation mode. You get the positive aspects of the low-calorie diet, without the unpleasant side effects of starvation mode. So, to get the best results if you go on a strict diet, you need to cheat once in a while. Every so often, you need to eat considerably more than you would otherwise have done, to keep your body from going into starvation mode. And there is another advantage. If you eat your favorite junk food on these cheating days, it becomes much easier to stick with the plan the other days. It's a big psychological difference between giving up pizza (or whatever) completely, and still eat them on high-calorie days. An easy way to cheat is to eat all you want on 2 days of the weekend every week. But this approach requires good guidelines. If you want to cheat and lose weight effectively you have to do it right. If you want to get the best fat loss results possible, without the negative effects of starvation mode, you should get expert advice on all aspects of your diet, including about cheating. Revaret.com has tips and reviews on experts programs that you can choose from to assist you in your fat loss goals.

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