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Superior Customer Service Experience In today's competitive environment, organizations cannot compete on product and price alone; they also must deliver an ideal service experience. With so much of competition in the product category and easy access to information about brands, products, and easy access to information about the vendor has made customer service experience a critical element of your company‘s success or failure. Organizations are including pre-sales and post sales interactions that allows your business to deliver a customer- focused and ideal service experience that successfully balances customer interests with business goals. SEM is the closed loop process of controlling and adjusting customer interactions while improving company performance. With SEM, * Your company can control every step within each customer interaction to provide the ideal customer experience. * You have the ability to provide this ideal service experience in accordance with a balanced set of key performance indicator Today customer service processes have to be flexible and cannot be one size-fits all. Customers are looking at enterprises to resolve their issues and look for individual treatment. In enterprise customer service, four key performance indicators (KPIs) govern service operations — the customer satisfaction with each interaction; the revenue produced through the interaction; the cost of the interaction; and the level of compliance with company and governmental policies. A poor service experience can impact a customer’s future buying decisions in as little as three months. Responding to issues not only improves your support performance scores, but drives customer loyalty and business profitability. It is important to provide a cross-channel customer experience via email, speaking or chatting with an agent, using web self service or by browsing. The information needs to be up-to-date and consistent across every channel. When a customer is routed to an agent, the transition must be smooth. The call should be routed to the agent that can best help, and the agent needs to know what happened before the transfer so the customer doesn’t have to repeat information. The agent should also be aware of the customer’s interactions across all other channels, but should only be presented with the information they need to solve the issue at hand. With the right contact center software in place, your customers get consistently great treatment every time they interact—regardless of the channel they choose. This results in a superior customer experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Learn more about :- Knowledge Management & customer service implementation

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