Benefits of Cycling To Your Health and Fitness

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Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 1 Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? To ga in the benef its from cyc l ing you don't have to be super f i t , an athlete or anything of that sort . The advantages of cycl ing are countless and i t i s a fun way to get that much -needed exercise. Keep on reading to f ind out the posit ive ef fect of cycl in g in los ing weight , heal th benefi ts of cycl ing, and some cycl ing t ips for s tarters. Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 2 Weight Loss and Cycling I f you are try ing to shed a few pounds, d iet ing a lone very rarely works out in the long term. However , doing more exercise on a regular bas is works wonders. And one al ternat ive exerc ise that y ou could do i s through cyc l ing. I f you cyc le regular ly , then i t wi l l not only help you burn a large number of calor ies dur ing your workout but i t wi l l a lso ra ise your metabol i sm and help you burn more calor ies throughout the day. Cycl ing a long a f lat road or path at 12 mph wi l l help you burn of f roughly 450 calor ies an hour. And even when you stop, your metabol i sm is s t i l l speeding ahead, helping you burn calor ies quicker. I sn 't that great? Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 3 Not only can cyc l in g help you lose weight and keep i t of f , i t i s a lso advantageous health -wise. By cycl ing at least 20 mi les per week, i t can help to reduce the r isk of developing heart d isease by half , compared to those who don't cycle or do other form of exercise Cycl ing burns the ca lor ies in a chocolate bar or a couple of a lcohol ic dr inks in one hour , which is around 300 calor ies. Trans lated into modern l i festy le terms, a f i f teen -minute b ike r ide, f ive t imes a week, burns of f 11 pounds of fat a year and meets the requirem ents for reducing heal th r isks. In other words , you might burn extra 75 670 ca lor ies within 30 minutes through cycl ing. The Department of Transport reports that 'even a smal l amount of cycl ing can lead to s igni f icant gains in f i tness ' . The study reveals that aerobic f i tness was boosted by 11% after s ix weeks of cycl ing 'short d istances ' four t imes a week. Through cyc l ing 4 mi les a day , the aerobic benef it increased to 17%. Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 4 Health Benefits of Cycling The Fentem PH ABC of sports medic ine report , Benefits of Exerc ise in Heal th and Disease, 1994, conc ludes that cycl ing is 'one of the few physical act iv i t ies which can be undertaken by the major ity of the populat ion as part of a d ai ly rout ine' . Cycl ing i s categor ized as an aerobic form of exercise. This i s a type of exercise that is part icular ly favorable to the lungs and heart . Your lungs expand with the effort of pedal ing, which al lows you to get more oxygen into your body. This , in turn, makes your heart beat faster to send the oxygen throughout your body. I f you develop powerful lungs and a strong heart then you are wel l and truly on your way to f i tness. Therefore, th is def in i te ly improves your cardiovascular f i tness . Just by cycl ing a few mi les per day you wi l l soon begin to feel f i t ter and healthier , you wi l l see your muscles beginning to tone. Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 5 Your thigh, backside, and cal f muscles wi l l gain the biggest benef it from cyc l ing s ince these are the musc les that you wi l l use the most. But overal l , you wi l l f ind yoursel f in much better shape. Perhaps, you wi l l f ind that you no longer get gasping walking up a f l ight of s ta irs . However , th e best part the more you bicycle , the more you wi l l enjoy i t and look forward to your next out ing. In addi t ion, cycl ing can also be helpfu l when you are feel ing down or i f you suffer from stress , anxiety or depress ion. When you exercise, you re lease what are known as endorphins into your b loodstream. Endorphins br ing about a feel ing of happiness and contentment and are a great way to combat stress and depress ion. Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 6 Cycl ing can be done almost anywhere by anyone. I f you l ive in towns or the countrys ide there i s a lways somewhere to bicycle. I t doesn't have to be expensive and i t i s a relat ively safe sport when you fo l low the few s imple guidel ines and can be enjoyed as a fami ly , too. Many people choose to dr ive to work, whi le others may take a tra in or bus . However , few choose to cycle. But cyc l ing could be the best choice of a l l due to heal th and f i tness benefi ts , and here are the reasons why: 1) Improve Your Health With many people doing l i t t le more than s i t t ing at a computer a l l day whi le at work, exerci se i s becoming more and more important to l iv ing wel l . I t 's your body that keeps you going day in and day out , and therefore, i t 's important to keep i t in decent shape. Cycl ing to work i s a fantast ic way to help keep your body heal thy. Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 7 By cycl ing , you wi l l a lso el iminate the need to spend so many hours in the gym before and after work, saving you money and also your t ime. The ef fect iveness of th is on the feet i s a lso improved along with r id ing a b ike regular ly . Because your own strength connected with feet is greater , i t i s more unl ikely for gett ing traumas or fractures after having a tumble. 2) Clear your Mind Those who exerc ise regular ly know how good i t can feel for the body. But, they a lso know it feels good for the mind. Exerc ise can help c lear yo ur mind, d istract ing you from your worr ies and concerns. I t 's a l so a known fact that cardiovascular exercise can help with menta l heal th, reducing both anxiety and depress ion. Cycl ing i s absolutely therapeut ic for the mind and spir i t . Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 8 3) Incredible for Heart, Well-being, and Wellness Riding a b ike isn 't only advantageous to your general wel l - being as ide from your own part icular heart . A decent heart is somehow important to a b l i ss ful l i v ing. With r id ing a b icycle , the blood in the veins supply towards the body is more prominent and in addi t ion, your heartbeat rate wi l l increase. For this reason, heart d isease has a tendency to be lessened hugely or danger of acquir ing pretty much any has unquest ionably s tayed away to a h igher degree. Cycl ing can reduce the r i sk of heart d isease, h igh b lood pressure, obesity , and diabetes according to a report by Kel ley GA, 1995, Ef fects of Aerobic Exercise in Normotensive Adults . I t can reduce your ' real age ', dropping i t more than a decade lesser than your chronolog ical age. Optimum resul ts are achieved when cycl ists are breathing heavi ly , but are not out of breath. Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 9 Exerc ise has been shown to increase HDL or "good" cholesterol and reduce the amount of tr ig lyc er ides in the blood. Again , th is means improved cardiovascular heal th. This leads to a reduced chance of heart b lockage and reduces the r i sk of s troke. There are some reports that l ink exercise to a lowered r isk of developing some cancer, l i ke colon cance r. 4) Decreased Disease Risk Overa l l , you wi l l a l so have excel lent heal th, i l lness , and disease free. Cycl ing helps heart health , so the r isk of cardiovascular d isease is decreased by a s igni f icant margin. Stat i st ics show that cycl i sts , even those who only travel short d istances can reduce the r i sk of death by 22%. Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 10 5) Sleep Well Due to the extensive phys ica l act iv i ty , you exper ienced dur ing the day, you're l ikely to be able to spend better qual i ty t ime with your pi l low and bed sheets. Sc ient i f ic stud ies showed that insomniacs who cycled more than 30 minutes per day went to s leep in hal f the t ime of those who didn't . 6) Reduce Stress Almost any and every physica l act iv i ty is a proven stress - rel iever and cycl ing is no except ion. The constant exerc ise, the muscle fat igue, the ca lor ie - burning a l l contr ibute to reducing overal l s tress levels . Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 11 7) Change Inside Disposition Riding a b ike, the same as d i f ferent structures jo ined with physical act iv i ty , could soothe endorphin that could prompt ful f i l lment ins ide you. With r id ing a b icycle you can t ruly feel great , modi fy ing your ins ide demeanor. Addit ional ly , r id ing a b icycle i s perceived for sooth ing stress. I t a lso helps the ins ide increasing se l f -esteem. 8) Motivation Boost Approximately , any physical a ct iv i ty you engage in wi l l increase your overal l energy and motivat ion levels . Especial ly when you're a pro l i f ic cycl i st , you feel more confident and able because you were ab le to cyc le for longer per iods of t ime than you could before start ing out as a new cycl i st . Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 12 9) Positive Hobby Instead of booze, gambl ing or n ights at the pub, you now have a more product ive hobby that you can engage in over and over again without hangovers or any other negat ive ef fects . A lthough the bicycle is used more as a recreat i onal device rather than as a pr imary way to transport yoursel f around, there is evidence that people a l l over the world are seeing heal th benefi ts f rom using them. They help burn fat , reduce blood pressure, increase your own body's protect ion against in fect ions and diseases , and help you stay healthy. Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 13 Other Benefits of Cycling As ide from the given benef its of cyc l ing in your health and f i tness , here are othe r benef its that go beyond that. 1) Save Money Choosing to cycle to work i s pretty much guaranteed to save you money. And who i sn't looking to save money? First , you don't have to pay for a car in the f i rs t p lace. Second, you don't have to pay any tax for your car . Third , you don't have to pay for fuel and, wel l , you get th e picture. I f you'r e using any k ind of transport other than your own two feet to get to work every day , then you wi l l a lmost certa inly save money by going on a b icycle instead. 2) Save Time Although cycl ing isn't usual ly thought of as the fastest way to travel , i t c lear ly be ats walk ing. Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 14 However , on commutes where there's a lot of traf f ic , cycl ing can a lso be quicker than travel l ing by bus or car i f you don't l i ve too far away. Even i f i t 's s lower than your car journey, you' l l st i l l get to work pretty quickly , and can enjoy th e many other benefi ts l i sted above by doing so. 3) Help the Environment Global warming sc ient ists suggest that b igger problems ahead i f no act ion is taken r ight now. And the best p lace to start i s wi th your carbon emiss ions. One of the biggest sources of these emiss ions i s car travel . By us ing your car less , you can d irect ly contr ib ute to reduce carbon emiss ions. Of course, there are st i l l more reasons why you s hould include cycl ing but these are enough to get you started. Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 15 Some Cycling Tips I f you are just start ing out , here are some t ips to help you in your cyc l ing act ivi ty . Here are a few simple t ips to help you get the most out of cyc l ing: Always carry a puncture repair kit. Make sure you take a water bottle with you especially on long rides in the countryside. Keep your tires pumped up to the required level to make cycling easier. For safety, always make sure you wear a bicycle helmet Always have lights and reflectors on your bike to make sure you are seen. When cycling at night, wear bright colors or preferably some sort of reflective material. Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 16 The choice of bike is a personal thing. Most people never cyc le more than f ive mi les , and so, choosing an expens ive bike des igned to chal lenge the most adventurous dare devi ls i s not pract ica l . Instead, choose a b ike that wi l l manage the local terrain, comfortably. Equipment needs wi l l a lso var y. Older people should cons ider elbow and knee guards. These wi l l help prevent debi l i tat ing jo int in jur ies that can ser ious ly l imit your mobi l i ty . A helmet i s not opt ional . Do not buy a helmet f rom a local hardware store. Get one f rom a bicycle specia lty store. The select ion i s larger , and the qual i ty is better . Shopping at an onl ine store can also save money. Once introduced into the bicyc le r id ing community, you' l l soon set out on your da i ly cyc le for the joy of i t and the heal th benefi ts wi l l be se condary. Get your bike ready and gear on for cyc l ing today! Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 17 I f you are st i l l in a debate whether to go for cyc l ing or not, hopefu l ly , th is ar t ic le wi l l help you ba lance and weigh on the more pos it ive s ide of i t . To think through, overal l , cyc l ing promotes your heal th and f i tness , your l i festy le , and your act ivi ty or your hobby for you to consider. Somehow, i t g ives you an independence to be on your own, to cyc le the road, to reach dest inat io ns and to journey with yoursel f . On the other hand, i t can also be a socia l act iv i ty , i f done with fami ly , fr iends or i f you are part of a b ike c lub. And that means enjoying thei r company whi le cycl ing on the road. As what they say , i t 's the journey that matters more than the dest inat ion. Thus , enjoy your cycl ing journey whi le s tr iv ing to l ive f i t and heal thy. Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 18 Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 19 Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight? 20

To gain the benefits from cycling you don’t have to be super fit, an athlete or anything of that sort. 

The advantages of cycling are countless and it is a fun way to get that much-needed exercise.


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