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What hairstyle does the long curly hair look good

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Embarrassed by his mid-length hair? Then come up with a fashionable medium long curly hair design, with the same charming hair color, create a fashionable and charming self! It's not too late, so let's see what hairstyle looks like.
Simple partial parting modelling design elegant and moving, with low-key dark brown dye hair photograph, cooperate with fashionable long hair maize hot modelling, elegant temperament arises spontaneously.
A very fashionable girl with fashionable hair style is hair perm hair hair, simple brown Brazilian Hair color hair design again cooperate without liu hai form medium long hair, appear the tide feels full of dye-in-the-wood.
Large scale of partial parting modelling design, cooperate with simple brown hair color hair and unique light color tie-dye modelling design, fashionable temperament wind shows.

Do you want to dye your curls
When you stop on the street, you will find that nine out of ten of the girls have dyed their hair. Does the long curly hair want to dye the color to be good-looking? Does a long, dark, wavy hair age? Let's think about it!
Do you want to dye your curls? It depends on temperament.
If you are a sven type, it's best not to dye it. Black looks more spiritual, and if your skin is very white, it will look more watery. Like this dark mid-length Brazilian Hair, it's nice, retro and atmospheric.
If you are the more fashionable MM, then dye the color is not bad. Like chestnut color, flaxen, look avant-garde and do not lose lovely, walk the mid length of the fashion line MM might as well try.

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