A Clear and simple business process for improved customer service performance

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A Clear and simple business process for improved customer service performance Generally when talks about customer service arise it creates a vision of few agents answering phone calls from customers and providing assistance to help resolve issues, or providing detailed information, or accepting complaints and requests and forwarding them to the next department. This vision is incorrect and unclear as customer service solutions is a set of processes that has to be managed keeping in mind the needs of the customers and the business demands. If either of these priorities are neglected it will lead to customer dissatisfaction and losses in business. Many businesses do not have a well defined and regularized system for carrying out these processes. As a result there is a lack of clarity in the processes and discrepancies exist throughout the organization which elicits inaccurate and disparate responses affecting the quality of service delivered. Businesses have to realize that documenting the processes will not yield the desired results if it cannot be executed in reality. The documents are rarely updated while the business undergoes constant changes. Thus relying on outdated documents is useless and fatal. A business requires tools that provide a comprehensive process and that which facilitate high visibility and has the capability to keep the documents updated so that consistency is maintained resulting in improved customer service experience. These tools are beneficial for the managers who are in charge of the service operations. They need to understand the process thoroughly as they are the ones who formulate the business policies. These tools should help the managers devise plans and monitor performances, as well as make changes to suit the needs of the customers and enrich interactions with them. The agents interact directly with customers and hence are part of the next important level. The agents perform the role of specialists and they are expected to provide the best solutions to customers. This is one area that lacks severely because the agents are unable to find the information in a fast, easy and convenient manner. This in turn affects the service adversely reducing efficiency, annoying the customers and increasing costs and dissatisfaction. It is important to note that the agents need tools that can be integrated with the knowledge base. An adaptive agent desktop that helps agents to navigate easily through various applications and find the correct solutions to specific problems can help them fulfill the desired level of customer expectations. Agents need process-based solutions that help in organizing the tasks and applications in a collaborative manner and help in establishing a feasible knowledge management system. A business that pays attention to details and enforces a correct process is sure to make large gains. Learn more about :- customer service consulting & web self services

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