Combining SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing

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1 Digital Marketing Strategies Explained: Combining SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing 2 Table of Contents Serial Number Content Page Number 1 Introduction 3 2 SEO campaigns 4 3 PPC Campaign 5-6 4 Social Media Marketing 7 5 Combining SEO, PPC and Social Media marketing 8-10 6 Benefits of Digital Marketing 10-11 7 Conclusion 12 3 Introduction Ever since the expansion of Google and the development of Search Engine Optimization techniques, digital marketing has replaced all other traditional marketing efforts to be the most profitable advertisement strategy in the world. Contrary to popular belief, digital marketing is not just a passing trend as digitalization is the future of all industries. (Information credit: Digital marketers make it their responsibility to take the necessary measures to effectively promote a brand online. A substantial amount of technical knowledge and skill is required for proper implementation and is best left to a professional agency. The three pillars of digital marketing, namely, SEO, PPC and Social media marketing have all been proven effective for increasing website traffic, as well as overall sales. Individually these strategies can be successful, but many marketers tend to combine the three to form a foolproof and effective marketing strategy for their brand. We will now discuss these three aspects individually. 4 SEO Campaigns SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the systematic process of increasing visibility for a website or web page in the unpaid results of a search engine. In other words, SEO campaigns help companies to get more pertinent traffic, which in turn generates leads and sales. It typically involves ethical techniques, which do not go against Google’s guidelines. When it comes to using Google for search engine optimization, there are several factors that have to be kept in mind at all times.  Google only records High-quality pages with relevant content and information about the search query.  Quality is determined by a number of means, but backlinks are still considered the top priority. The website’s quality, is determined by the number and quality of the other websites that link back to the original page.  Relevance is determined by a method called “crawling” where website content is evaluated algorithmically for checking the relevance.  Visitor engagement with the website.  Speed and navigation of the website.  Checking only for high-quality content without any plagiarism or duplication. 5 PPC Campaigns The next strategy to consider is PPC or Pay-Per-click campaigns. In layman’s terms, it means the amount of money spent to get a relevant advertisement clicked after which the user gets redirected to the company’s website or a specific product page. P PC campaigns are generally used to direct traffic to a company’s website. It involves the advertisers, paying the owner of the search engine when a user clicks a particular ad. PPC campaigns are carried out by a number of platforms developed by different sets of developers. The three main platforms in use today include, Google’s AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads. We will now discuss each of them in brief. 1. Facebook Ads: Facebook is well known around the world as the biggest social media network available, with a user base that has been growing exponentially over the past few years. Facebook Ads take advantage of this and use it as an effective advertising medium. The stand out feature here is their ability to laser target audiences. By sending links directly to recipients, it serves as an important customer retention tool as well as brand expansion in a new market. Keyword Research Proper Keyword Implementation Indexed Pages High SERP Rankings 6 Logo: 2. Google AdWords: As the name suggests, AdWords was developed by Google and has become popular with digital marketers everywhere. Since Google has the largest search traffic in the world, AdWords can fetch the desired results if the proper keyword is implemented. It should be noted that keywords which are considered should be specific and not generic. Logo: 3. Bing Ads! :Bing Ads operate primarily on the Yahoo and Bing networks, and is the least used among the three. Because Yahoo’s search pool is not that big, the efficiency of the platform suffers quite an extent. However, it has proved to be effective while targeting audiences belonging to an older demographic. Most marketers simultaneously run Bing Ads and Google AdWords for an efficient mix. Logo: 7 Social Media Marketing With the advent of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + etc. and an influx of even newer social media networks, digital marketers everywhere are just starting to realize the effectiveness of digital marketing. Social media marketing harnesses the power of reach and communication that all social networks posses. They employ detailed tactics and effective strategy to promote the relevant content, which is crucial for customer engagement. Social media sites like Facebook have detailed geographical, demographic and personal information, which can be used as filters for laser targeting prospective customers. The main strategy of social media marketing involves the concept of “word of mouth”. Individuals share content and promotional messages with their family, friends, colleagues or anybody who is on their contact list. This increases a marketer’s reach significantly which would not have been possible with other methods, eliminating unnecessary ad spending and optimizing all the marketing efforts. Social media marketing also revolves around publishing “sticky” or engaging content. Marketers hope Bing Ads! Google AdWords Facebook Ads 8 that a user’s attention will be caught if the content is unique, relevant and engaging. Which in turn increases the possibility of a purchase by the reader. Combining SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing We have talked extensively about each of the three main strategies in a digital marketing strategy. The three strategies individually can produce great results if implemented correctly. However, because of the increasing competition in the digital marketing landscape, marketers are looking to combine these efforts to achieve the maximum result. Below we will talk about how these strategies work together to achieve the specified marketing goals. 1. Integrating SEO with PPC: It’s a well-known fact that search engine rankings rely on specific keywords or phrases for fetching the desired results. SEO campaigns and PPC campaigns can be conducted through the AdWords platform. PPC campaigns help SEO efforts a lot as it is not always possible to achieve the number one ranking, organically. This phenomenon becomes truer in highly competitive markets within a short span of time. 9 PPC campaigns can give the necessary boost. By simultaneously operating both campaigns, the quality score of the keyword will remain stable and can increase in some cases. 2. Integrating PPC and Social Media As mentioned before, social media has entwined with our lives and has drastically changed the way we communicate and socialize with each other. Quite naturally marketers conduct keyword research and competitor analysis, done using AdWords to get important information. Information containing customer buying behavior and preferences are analyzed and an appropriate PPC campaign is formed. Operating both campaigns simultaneously, gives marketers a competitive edge, by promoting content and increasing customer engagement via social media, and running PPC campaigns for a larger number of clicks. Search Engine Optimization - organic - long-term results - less expensive Pay-per-click -paid advertising -highly sucessful -quick,short-term results 10 3. Integrating SEO with Social media marketing The information obtained from the keyword research conducted can have major implications for any social media campaign. Keyword research gives marketers a fair idea of which search terms are frequently used and can create relevant content to engage the audience on a more personal level. Unique content containing industry related news, tips, listicles etc. could substantially increase the chances of getting noticed. Thus many marketers have started developing blogs and linking it with their social media accounts, after proper keyword implementation and content consideration. All the above strategies are used by competent digital marketing agencies around the world to achieve the perfect results at the minimum cost of the business owners. Improved Customer Engagement Social Media Marketing Pay-Per- Click 11 In a largely competitive market, digital marketing can certainly help optimize a company’s marketing efforts, eliminating wastage or over expenditure on ads. The Benefits of Choosing a Competent Digital Marketing Agency as Your Partner Digital marketing consultants are a dime a dozen and all of them aren’t necessarily effective. For a business owner, proper care must be taken to find the most competent options available. The following points highlight the advantages of having a competent digital marketing company as a marketing partner. 1. Strategy formation using analytics: Digital marketers are alert around the clock, monitoring and gathering data about customer buying behavior, preferences and website traffic volume. Analysis of these important bits of information allows marketers to see what’s trendy among the customers. Appropriate business decisions would then be taken which can involve formation of new ad strategies for the maximum benefits possible. 2. Performance upgrade using Content and Lead generation: Digital marketing always put a lot of stress on developing unique content to drive customer engagement. The content should be formed and published in such a way so as to help the marketers achieve specific commercial goals. Social media marketing helps in lead generation by making use of informative and engaging content to drive sales. 3. Conversion Rates are improved: Unlike other traditional forms of marketing, digital marketing paves the way for better interaction with target audiences. Taking prompt and swift measures like utilizing the generated leads to improve conversion rates can achieve results very quickly. 4. Increased Revenue Generation: Companies employ the services of digital marketing agencies to increase profits. A competent digital marketing agency will know how to achieve better revenue growth. They take the necessary measures to achieve higher conversion rates. 5. Competing with the Industry leaders: In highly competitive markets, small-scale businesses tend to lose out on a lot of marketing opportunities. Thanks to the extensive promotional tactics used by large-scale businesses and industry leaders. Using techniques like audience segregation, laser-targeting etc., a digital marketing agency can help a small-scale business to compete at an 12 equal level. It boosts up the company’s online presence, which means increased business opportunities. 6. Earning Trust and Reputation: For a brand to survive in any industry, especially customer oriented businesses, consumer interest plays a key part. A competent digital marketer knows how to align the brand objectives with consumer interest to get the maximum results. Reputation is very important and can easily be destroyed if a wrong business decision is taken. A competent digital marketing agency will employ only ethical or “white hat” techniques to diligently accomplish all the tasks, keeping the reputation impact. 7. Ensuring Online Survival: As mentioned before digital marketing is important for maintaining a strong online presence. The Internet plays an important part in the modern world and thus any business, which fails to make an online presence, is doomed from the start. Using techniques like targeting the specific people and employing the correct PPC and SEO campaigns ensures that the brand has a stable online presence. 8. Competitor Insight: To get an edge over the competition, relevant information about competitors must be known and studied extensively. Since digital marketing is so much in demand, competitors also employ various tactics as part of their own strategy. Studying this information can help marketers to be aware of the industry trends and demands at all times, and can modify their own strategies accordingly. 9. Cost Effective: Last but not the least, digital marketing is a cost effective way of promoting a brand. Unlike traditional media like billboards, TV/ radio or even print ads which require substantial budgets to publish and produce, digital marketing does the exact same job but, cheaper. Not only do they have a wider reach, but real-time measurability, which contributes heavily to future strategy formation. Conclusion 13 Hence, to sum it up, PPC, SEO, and Social Media marketing are the three important aspects of a successful digital marketing campaign. The success of a campaign also depends on the level of skill and competency of the digital marketing partner. Many businesses tend to go for in-house personnel, but associated costs make it expensive as well. By delegating these tasks to a specialized digital marketing agency, the management can be sure that their marketing efforts are conducted in a positive and effective manner, while they can focus on the company’s core competencies instead. 14

Digital marketing has been gaining momentum in the past few years, with traditional marketing efforts being replaced by more effective promotional tactics. Digital marketing agencies employ various techniques like Pay-per-Click campaigns, Search Engine Optimization campaigns as well as Social media marketing. The attached e-book describes how threes three elements work in tandem to produce the best results for their clients.

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