How to achieve an effective employer branding

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How to achieve an effective employer branding    Employer brand is commonly used to describe an organization’s reputation as an employer, in                             contrast to its more general corporate brand reputation. Employer branding was first introduced                           by Simon Barrow in year 1990. Employer branding is the process of promoting an organization,                               as employer of choice to a preferred target group, one which a company wants to recruit and                                   retain. If employer branding is the process then the employer brand is the identity of a company.                                   Employer branding is about effectively communicating your company’s values, culture and                       personality to create the desired perceptions. Employer branding covers every point the                         organization has with the employee, starting from the recruitment. In simple terms employer                           branding is influencing the people to join the company and making sure existing employees to                               retain.    Employer branding can be done in the following steps.    Research & Advisory Services:  The organization needs to understand what it is offering to current and prospective employees.                             Top Management should believe and actively support the employer value proposition. If the                           company is unaware or unsure of the value it is offering Top Talent, the Employer Brand cannot                                   be effectively promoted.    Activation & Talent Sourcing:  The activation phase requires proper communication, talent sourcing and marketing plan to                         ensure the company is getting the right kind of talent onboard. While the talent sourcing’s role is                                   to make sure company­candidate compatibility, marketing and communications aim is for top                         talent in establishing the company as the employer of choice.    KPI Tracking & Development:  For effective employer brand promotion, constant testing and measuring is required. It is very                             important for a company to set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and should keep track of                               performance in order to make continuous improvements.    Employer branding can be used as a long­term talent acquisition, management and retention of                             employers. It is a viral­based awareness program that is intended to raise the organization’s                             image in the marketplace as a well­managed business, which attracts top quality applicants                           over a period of time. Employer branding creates meaningful and durable reasons for                           employees to remain loyal to their company. Properly planned and implemented employer                         branding strategy can deliver high impact and long­term results. Some of the advantages of the                               employer branding are  §​   ​Competitive advantage  §​   ​Significantly improved talent pipeline  §​   ​Employee engagement levels increased  §​   ​Workforce diversity  §​   ​Corporate culture  §​   ​Stronger PR tool kit    Researchers have found that having international brand alone is not enough to get the right                               talent. Unattractive or confusing employer brands are preventing companies from making the                         most of their recognizable name. Today’s employers are facing great challenge for finding the                             right talent as the economy is changing from survival to growth mode. Employers have to attract                                 people with talents which the company never designed to attract. A strong employer brand, in                               most of the cases, is the deciding factor in the success of an organization.     Having a ​ cloud recruitment software ​ is another cherry on the cake when organisations are                             communicating to prospects from recruitment and HR world. Such automation tools are an                           attractive point for employees that can make their work much faster.  

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