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How To Chat With Microsoft Support Agent Online Are you facing an issue with one of the products from Microsoft? Do you need online assistance for a Microsoft product? In this guide, we will see how you can chat with Microsoft support team online to get your issue resolved. Chat with Microsoft Support Person online Step 1: In a web browser, You can visit Microsoft official contact us page of Microsoft. Step 2: Click the Get started option to open a new web browser window. Follow the next two steps to chat with a support person instead of a support agent. Step 3: And, In the box, write in your issue and then press Enter to send. Wait for a seconds to get a replay from a virtual support agent. Step 4: Once you get a replay, you should see “Hope that helped. If not satisfied with reply, please feel free to rephrase your question, or you can talk to a person” message. Select on the talk to a Live person link. Step 5: When you click talk a person link, you should see the following options. Step 6: Select on the Chat link to begin chatting with a Microsoft online support agent. As you can see in the picture, the page view your current position in the chat box. During a Microsoft support chat, at any time, you can leave the chat by clicking the End chat option. Don’t forget to leave your feedback at the end of the chat to help Microsoft improve their support system. In Extra to online chat, you can also use the built-in Support or Get Help app in Windows 10 to chat with Microsoft online official support team. Thanks for Coming! I hope you will satisfied with these steps to connect “Chat with Microsoft Support Person Online”. But if not, You can call Microsoft official help desk number and get instant help of all Microsoft doubts. Otherwise, you can visit this link: service

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