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undefinedUnlimited ice creams Unlimited toppings When you book us you get to enjoy unlimited ice creams, toppings and sauces. Choose from any flavour you want. Choose from any of our popular favourites including NUT NUT NUTOREOUS Nutella and Oreo SWEET AND SOUR STIR FRY Lemon drizzle cake ROLLED UP MESS Fresh strawberries and meringue THE GOLDEN CHILD Ferrero Rocher and Kinder Bueno Or create your own with a limitless supply of flavours, bespoke to your event Fresh Cotswold Ice cream Our portions are quite generous and the 8oz is generally more than enough, however, to speed up service but to still have the ice cream theatre why not offer smaller portions, so that everyone can enjoy the creamy goodness of ice cream rolls 0 50 100 150 1hr 2hrs 3hrs 4 hrs 0 125 250 375 1hr 2hrs 3hrs 4 hrs 500 Approx service and quantity times Regular size Half size Small portion Our ice cream rolls are made especially for you, each one takes 2-3 minutes, we are able to create several packages to suit most budgets and sizes. We can offer three packages. 1.Perfect for Small to medium size events- each person gets served 4-5 ice cream rolls 2. Ideal for medium to large events-each person gets served 2 ice cream rolls 3.Popular for large parties-each person gets 1 ice cream roll. Can also come back for more... 0 75 150 225 1hr 2hrs 3hrs 4 hrs 300 From just 250 per hour with a 2-hour minimum you will be able to enjoy the freshest, creamiest, fascinating ice cream roll experience. Unlimited ice cream rolls Fresh Cotswold ice cream base Bespoke flavours Unlimited toppings and sauces Alcohol infused flavours available Just 20% non- refundable deposit to secure reservation 50p per mile travel costs after 30 miles from GL7 Alcohol and premium ingredients occur a surcharge Let us know of any dietary needs Please email to receive an accurate price. Please include: Name/Company Date and time of event: Number of guests: Desired serving time in hours: Message. For more information and pictures

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Taking ice cream to the next level in a mesmerising and captivating form og ice cream theatre we use fresh Cotswold ice cream to create deliciously creamy ice rolls that add the Wow factor to any event


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