How to Start a Blog: Step-by-Step Guide to Start Blogging with Free Hosted Blog

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dp vishwakarma 04/08/2017 How to Start a Blog: Step-by-Step Guide to Start Blogging with Free Hosted Blog /how-to-start-a-blog-step-by-step-guide-to-start-blogging-with-free-hosted-blog/ Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Google+Share on Linkedin Before reading the guide “How to Start a Blog”, You should ask a question to yourself are you really want to do it? Blogging is not something like you would do for some time. It is a passion to write the article in a specific domain and It needs work hard. Many bloggers are doing full time as a profession and some doing as a business. For example, Meet Shradha Sharma. 1/12 Blogging is an amazing game which has some level. But it is not a new game It has been started the 90s, And Google also likes bloggers because the market needs content maker and Internet has been growing. So, The big players of blogging what they think about it? Well, Now we have understood blogging has potential and It works for you if you want to play this game. Let’s start with free blogging platform and learn how to start a career in it. I am going teach you to step by step how to build a free blogging site. How to Start a Blog (Step 1): Start Observing Leading Blogs In Your Domain Like, I am Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Blogger and I am leading in this domain. So How I started and How I learned? It’s so simple If you have no idea and want to learn then learn from others and identify and observe the posting on some top blogs. 2/12 Some Suggestions: Simply go to Google and search top blog in your domain You can use some metric tools like Alexa and Similarweb You need to learn how to create high-quality content because is all about subjective Bloggering need regularity it means you must post blogs at regular intervals. How to Start a Blog (Step 2): Decide the theme of your blog A question asks to yourself, What are you passionate about? Like, Cooking, entertainment, Bollywood-Hollywood, Travelling, Health, Digital Marketing, Blogging, and etc. Some Trending like 3/12 You should decide your theme and stick to one. It is most important part of your blog because you will spend time and effort. Pick your best theme where you will be comforted. Some Guidelines: You must choose a generic theme that gives you a lot of new idea about blogs Always create the audience based blog what the audience wants to read and share. You can use some tools to find what people actually want. Google Keyword Planner tool ( This tool gives ideas what other people looking for the topic to write ) 4/12 Google trend ( This tool gives idea about what trending nowadays ) How to Start a Blog (Step 3): Think About Your Blog Name Now it time to set your blog name. Before putting, your blog name you should think about it. You must think some catchy name like SocialSamosa, DigitalDeepak, YourStory, and etc. If you don’t want to spend money on buying a domain name and hosting service you can start with free hosted service like WordPress. It gives you a subdomain name like And in future, if you will get a good audience then you will be able to transfer free hosted to paid blog. 5/12 Some Guidelines: Keep your domain name unique and try to use keywords in your domain, It will help in Search Engine Ranking. Keep your domain name generic but not specific. For example, DigitalDeepak is easy to recall and it has space to promote the whole information about Digital Marketing (Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization) But SocialSamosa can only share information about Social Media. How to Start a Blog (Step 4): Set Up Your Free Blog Now It’s time to open that window where you can start your first free blog. You have many options to start your first blog. I have a list of the free blog sites. See below WordPress.Com Blogger.Com Medium.Com Squarespace.Com Wix.Com Weebly.Com Ghost.Org Penzu.Com Svbtle.Com Webs.Com Tumblr.Com, and etc I recommend because it is easy to customize with more features and transferred to free to self- 6/12 hosted blog and monetize also. So, click at And grab free Plan! If you confuse about blog name, you can put your name. for example, Missmalini, Neilpatel, Soravjain, dpvishwakarma, and etc. Select free hosted blog After sign-up in WordPress, You get a package of things like You get a URL like You can upload images up to 3 GB You get 200+ free theme for your blog site You can customize your blog site like, You can add pages, social accounts, background images, and etc You get an analytics tool Note: This Package has no video storage. How to Start a Blog (Step 5): Set The Layout of Your Blog Make your blog site beautiful because of looks matter. Select the best theme and write good and catchy site tagline. Simply go to my site (top left) and fix it. 7/12 You can change your theme or customize your theme. Your theme should be according to your writing style and content. If your blog is about photography, You would pick a photo based theme. You can change your blog site according to your requirements, You can add Logo, Menu, choose background color, font style, and header image. In case if you want to add an image then you can add it from free image websites. Freepik The Stocks Stock Up Designers Pics 8/12 Unsplash How to Start a Blog (Step 6): Identify the Categories Of Content You Will Be Blogging About After Setting all the basic thing to your blog, Now you are ready to publish posts for your blog site. But you need to read some leading blogs about your domain and understand the concept, writing style, and presentation. This would be work if you follow them. Some Guidelines: You should get some idea from some discussion forums like Yahoo Answers, Reddit, and Quora that how to write a post and publish it. Take time to write a post and do research on the topic before publishing. Don’t copy any content or images. How to Start a Blog (Step 7): Write Your First Blog Post Well, You are capable to create your first blog post. So start writing and cover below fundament elements in your blog post. Introduction of the blog post theme Involve yourself in post Give some live example Introduce your future blog post idea Ask user to subscribe to your blog site How to Start a Blog (Step) 8: Publish a Blog Post Now It’s time to put your content On the internet. Simply click on the ‘New Post Button’ and write your content. First Blog Post Title 9/12 This WordPress writing tool gives many features like You can add many headings and subheadings (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5) You can make your paragraph bold, italic and Blockquote You can Add any URL You can insert images by insert menu or do drag and drop You can add Categories to the post. The category must be related to your blog post You can edit or add something after publishing your Blog post. How to Start a Blog (Step 9): Connect Your blog Site With Social Media Channel This is a good feature to increase your blog post reach through the Social media channels. Connect your social 10/12 media and share directly. How to Start a Blog (Step 10): Understand The Stats You can measure your traffic through WordPress Stats tool. It not much advanced but it gives approximately. You can get details about the location of visitors. Extra Step: Understand Rules and Etiquettes Of Blogging This is an extra step for better understanding about blogging. After this step, you will be fully prepared for blogging in 11/12 your own world. If you take it seriously then you can be shifted free to paid hosting. Some Guidelines: A good blogger always tries to boost their knowledge and keep trying to connect to the Internet world. You should keep these below points at the time of writing any blog. Keep the focus on blog post title: Write a catchy title and it should be accurate and clear The title should contain numbers (e.g.Top 10 places in India to visit) Keywords must be used in title and length of the title should not more than 60 characters. Content is king: Always start with introduction and catchy words to grab the attention of the readers Keep your content in paragraphs and points because it creates interest Put some real life example related to the topic Don’t write long heading or subheading it may create distraction Don’t use jargons The Blog post should be approximately 800-1,000 words Use more visuals/videos to increase the SEO value of the post Edit your content but before publishing, and Use some grammar checking tool (Grammarly) for better content. Call to Action (CTA) You should always ask the readers for subscribing to a blog, download the free e-book, share the blog post, suggestions in the comments section, free study material, or free training course. Conclusion You have built your free blog by reading “How to Start a Blog guide”. This guide is will help if you will forget any step or confuse with any section simply read again and again and apply it. Blogging is a most powerful thing if you take it seriously and work on it. It will give you skills, name, fame, money, time, freedom if you passionate about it. So, Keep blogging! 12/12

You should ask a question to yourself are you really want to do it?Blogging is not something like you would do for some time. It is a passion to write the article in a specific domain and It needs work hard. Many bloggers are doing full time as a profession and some doing as a business. For example, Meet Shradha Sharma.

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