Planning Christmas Island Accommodation

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Planning Christmas Island Accommodation - A Photographer's Guide Christmas Island hotels provide a fantastic base to relax and recharge your mental batteries. However, you're missing an incredible opportunity if you don't leave your Christmas Island resort during your entire trip. The island has some spectacular sights that can provide you with some amazing photos to show your friends back home. The Famous Red Crabs Christmas Island is located approximately 1600 miles from Perth, WA and is home to the world famous Red Crabs. Millions of these crabs migrate each year across the island for an awe inspiring and impressive sight. The crab migration takes place at the start of the first big rain of the season, so you should plan your trip for between November and January. If you plan the details right, you may even catch sight of the first baby crabs as they begin their journey. Red crabs are small, red creatures that are everywhere on Christmas Island. Even if you're visiting outside of the migration period, you're still likely to see thousands of red crabs near the beach, on walking paths and deep in the jungle. Blue Crabs These are similar in shape to red crabs, but the blue colour makes them very distinct compared to their red cousins. Blue crabs are a little bigger than red crabs, but they tend to be more shy. Coconut/Rubber Crabs These are the big boys on the island, and they can grow as large as a metre in size with massive pinchers. Rubber crabs have incredible colourful shells, and you're most likely to see them hunting for coconuts at dusk. The Birdlife Christmas Island is also a bird watching paradise. With Golden Bosuns to Greater Frigatebirds, there is a wealth of birds to be seen and photographed. Even if you're not a pro bird photographer, it can be fun to capture some stills of these amazing creatures. Rugged Beauty While you won't see the white sandy beaches, you may have experienced in WA, this Island offers wild and rugged beauty that has to be seen to be believed. The dramatic rock cliffs and thick, lush tropical forests are reminiscent of a simpler time, and you won't find the island packed with tourists. So, you can explore Dolly, Lily and Ethel Beach at your leisure at the time of Christmas Island Holidays. The Water Although many people visit Christmas Island for its wildlife, the island actually offers some fantastic diving, so don't forget your underwater camera. Due to the relatively low tourism and remote location, the pristine waters allow you to see over 600 species of fish, manta rays, caves and between November and April, the Whale Shark. The water has an average temperature of 27c with incredible visibility, so you'll be able to get some amazing shots and enjoy a superb dive. Unlike many other tropical destinations, Christmas Island isn't overflowing with tourists, allowing you to enjoy seclusion and relaxation. This does mean that there isn't a massive choice of Christmas Island accommodation, but we're here to help. If you're interested in a Christmas Island resort, Australia visitors should speak to us. We have some fantastic deals on Christmas Island hotels and would be delighted to help you plan your dream break.


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