c 2561d E. Th e P a r t s of the Contax II: a - Release button for the delayed-action shutter release (Almost,hidder by the lever b) b - Setting lever for the delayed-aetion shutter release c distance meter d- e f- C ' _ b ,! I l'+ \ i i .\ s L _ la- T_ rTt: h 2 'Window showing number of exposures made Milled wheel of the coupled distance met:r \ .\ \- \ rnfinity stop for the distance meter Finder shoe Film rewinding knob Object glas_s of the distance meter and view-finder spring catch of lens-changing devicri www.orphancameras.com The Parts of the Contax II: o p - Tripod bush [the camera q - Base support for the camera r - oo Free - wheeling " claw holding full spool of film s - Eyepiece of the- distance meter and view-finder 3 t - Wheel adjusting the film picture counter u - Claw holding take up spool a Film transporting sprocket Picture aperture _ Button releasitg the film during rewinding w- x- v Important Note! The contax rI is a precision miniature camera, tt " ti"rrdtirrn of which differs considerably from that required in ordinar| types of cameras. with careful handling and intelrigent useo the contax will give excellent service and perfect photographic results, but it is essential that the instructions should be studiedo and the various mechanical movements practised as described in the pages hereaftero before any attempt is made to use the camera with film in it. The instructions are consequently arranged to give all the information necessary for perfect service in practice. rt is recommended in particular that the pages relating to the technique of exposure should be specially studied, and the handling of the camera practised without roading it with film. when an understanding of the contax has been gained by this practice, the camera may be loaded with film and experience in practical work can then begin. The contax spool of daylight- + l I t- I I www.orphancameras.com loading film is particularly recomme