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New Collaboration Software from XBC What does Collabor8Online do? It's Flexible Collabor8Online is incredibly flexible in fact, it's an open book (or folder, to be more precise). Just as you can create a folder on your desktop and put whatever you like in it, you can create a folder in Collabor8 and put whatever you like in it! So, for your company sharing Health and Safety information might be important or maybe test certificates, landlord certificates or inspection certificates. For other companies, sharing timesheet information is a key issue whilst storage and re- trieval of maintenance records is also popular. The point is that you can share whatever you like with whoever you like, including invited people from outside your organisation, to share or view the same informa- tion while you remain in complete control of access and permissions. Complete Control Backing the complete control over access is an automated e-mail notification sys- tem that will automatically communicate and inform users of new drawings or document revisions, progress updates, requests for information, variations, valua- tions or of course whatever you choose to communicate. A central document re- pository with version control and full audit history on every file is created auto- matically, reducing errors and cutting administration time spent searching for the latest master document. Monitor and Keep up to date Your dashboard or landing page shows recent activity and up-and-coming mile- stones and tasks, whilst watch lists allow individual users to "watch" projects, folders or even individual documents that they are interested in. Once added to your watch-list, the system will automatically e-mail notification if any changes are made to your watch items. Tasks and Calendars Our Premier version allows you the increased functionality of task lists, where tasks can be detailed and assigned to individuals and recorded as milestones in calendars. What's more, you can have calendars for individuals or projects and full details can be exported to your Outlook (or similar) desktop calendar if you wish. Manage Documents and Projects: Collabor8online is what's known as a Project Extranet. These are software tools that allow businesses to share and manage information across projects, companies and teams. Companies find that, in particular, this helps them manage the multitude of documents, drawings and other information produced throughout a project's lifecycle. Working together just got easier First 30 days free on all services! Collabor8online 30 Sergeants Lane Whitefield Manchester M45 7TS t:0161 920 6491 e:info@collabor8online.co.uk Call Now for more Information 0161 920 6491 "Many businesses still use e- mail as a way of transferring project information. In truth that isn't collaboration, all of the relevant information is scattered across everyone's inbox! That's the old way this is the new way" Drawings Documents CAD Files Spreadsheets Health and Safety Test Certificates L a n d l o r d C e r t i f i c a t e s Inspection Certificates PAT Tests NICEIC Gas Safe Timesheets Maintenance Records Estimates Purchase O r d e r s A p p l i c a t i o n s Certifications Quality Control Employee Records The right people at the right time Specifications, drawings and other project documentation can be distributed quickly and easily throughout the supply chain. Furthermore estimates, purchase orders, applications received and certifications issued can also be recorded and entered online - by either you or your supplier - further streamlining the process. Inviting suppliers to enter or retrieve their own information can significantly reduce your project administration costs and speed up progress. As all project associated information is stored in one place, data can be retrieved and re- viewed; for example to assess performance levels, identify effective and ineffective practices or best value. This en- sures continuous company and performance improvement across all projects. Internal projects and information Collabor8 isn't just limited to external projects but may be used to store your own company information such as quality control procedures and practices, health and safety policies, employee records or any other information that you choose. Of course, this information can be in a form of text, word document, PDF, spreadsheet, image, CAD file or just about anything else. Powerful search tools allow this information to be retrieved quickly and easily. Collabor8 lets you get that valuable document or nugget of information off somebody's individual PC or memory stick and share it with the rest of the team! Collaboration Sharing information in this way allows documents and procedures to evolve quickly and be uniformly and quickly adopted, as all of the team members will have had a chance to contribute. Share Communicate and Collabor8 online Working together just got easier Share information with suppliers and subcontractors: Supply-chain collaboration ensures professional management of tenders received; purchase orders issued and progress on individual projects, whilst automatically maintaining a record of supplier performance across all projects. A knowledge base and collaboration tool: companies can capture and consolidate knowledge or information on a company wide and project level. Best practice, Quality Control and standard- ise methods of working can be quickly communicated and maintained. www.collabor8online.co.uk Call Now 0161 920 6491 New Collaboration Software from XBC What does Collabor8Online do?

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