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iPhone Video Expert Review: Promote Yourself With iPhone Video iPhone Video Expert: http://beginnerdiary.com/iphone-video- expert-review/ There's a really hot new course called iPhone Video Expert which is rocking the video marketing world right now! If you have a business or you sell products, services or training then you've got to check this out! This course has been created by Ben Simon who runs a 6 figure business in the UK making videos for 10 market leading brands amongst others. He's the author of Expert YouTube Video Marketing Strategy (currently No.1 on Amazon for "Video Marketing") and has 20 years experience in online marketing & video production. He has put together a great collection of training videos that will teach you how to make amazing quality promotional videos on your iPhone. iPhone Video Expert is a video training series that will take you step-by-step through the process of recording a professional video using very minimal equipment. Ben also shows you how to edit your video on your smart phone so there's no need for a fancy editing computer. And now phones are getting larger and more powerful editing on them is easier than ever. This easy-to-follow course is designed to get you up and running making simple videos that you can use to promote yourself, your business or your products. iPhone Video Expert's Key Features: Here is what you will get with iPhone Video Expert: Video #1 - Filming Basics - 6 essentials to ensure your video shoot goes smoothly Video #2 - Clean Audio - The basics of recording clean audio and the essential kit you need Video #3 - Location & Steady your camera - Make your set look more professional & basic kit to get pro steady shots Video #4 - Lighting - Get a high quality look on a budget with no equipment needed Video #5 - Front facing camera, composition, focus & exposure and performance Video #6 - Choosing a theme, editing & graphics (iPhone) Video #7 - Fade to black, colour grading & web address with sound fx (iPhone) Video #8 - Adding sound & fading sound (iPhone) Video #9 - Reporter style mic, mic technique, pro filming app, setting audio levels & simple optimisation (iPhone) Video #10 - Choosing a theme, editing & graphics (Android) Video #11 - Fade to black, colour grading & web address with sound fx (Android) Video #12 - Adding sound & fading sound (Android) Video #13 - Reporter style mic, mic technique, pro filming app, setting audio levels & simple optimisation (Android) What you'll learn... - Step-by-step instructions how to make professional looking & sounding videos on a budget - You'll see how Ben setup and record yourself easily to get great results - Learn how to frame yourself correctly so your shots look like they were on TV - A filming app that can turn your phone into a Pro Camera - The best editing app & phone video editing tricks & tips - Find out how to make your set look more professional - Learn how to broadcast your brand to millions from your phone! - Find out how to get your video found in YouTube for more exposure Exclusive Bonuses Of iPhone Video Expert: Expert Bonus #1: Expert Positioning With Video Build yourself as an authority and charge more for your products and services Discover the secret to attracting the clients you want How to use YouTube to generate leads to your business A simple way to convert views into leads How to promote your videos for more exposure How to make people watch your videos to the end and come back for more I reveal the free tools to help rank your YouTube videos And the simple strategy to build a following through YouTube Expert Bonus #2: Present Like An Expert How To Be Confident On Camera Learn the secrets of presenting with confidence The cloths that work & look good on camera Find out what cloths cause issues so you can avoid them How to plan & practice your videos content to perform the best you can Discover a free app to help your performance Expert Bonus #3: Expert Video Types Find out 13 types of video you could create to promote your business Find out what videos you can make to grow your business Discover the basic structure for each video Insider tips and tricks to make your videos more effective Countless ideas for endless content you can make to build your brand Final verdict - Your Turn! Now Here's The Cool Part Not only is it a course about making the videos on your iPhone but also how to rank them to the top of Google and YouTube for more traffic and exposure. You can get access to the course for just a small amount of investment! It's insane! Click Here To Check Out This Awesome New Course! http://beginnerdiary.com/iphone-video-expert-review/ iPhone Video Expert, iPhone Video Expert review, iPhone Video Expert review and bonus, iPhone Video Expert reviews, iPhone Video Expert reviews and bonuses, iPhone Video Expert discount, iPhone Video Expert bonus, iPhone Video Expert bonuses, iPhone Video Expert review and discount, iPhone Video Expert review in detail, iPhone Video Expert ultimate review,


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