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SECURE THE MOST EXCITING AIR JOURNEY VIA QATAR AIRWAYS 18779260222 QATAR AIRWAYS PHONE NUMBER QATAR AIRWAYS A GLITTERING CITY OF SKYSCRAPERS IN THE FLAT TEXAS PRAIRIE, THE "BIG D," AS DALLAS IS CALLED, OFFERS THE QUINTESSENTIAL LONE STAR EXPERIENCE TO THOSE WHO WANT IT -- COWBOY BOOTS, LIVE COUNTRY MUSIC AT GILLEY'S, BARBECUE AND STEAKS. HOWEVER, DALLAS IS NOT STUCK IN THE PAST. WITH NEIMAN MARCUS AND AN IMPRESSIVELY SIZED ARTS DISTRICT, THE CITY PRACTICALLY INVENTED HIGH-END DEPARTMENT STORE SHOPPING. TO SEE THE TEXAS YOU READ ABOUT AS A KID, HEAD TO DALLAS, BUT BE PREPARED FOR A GROWN-UP SURPRISE. BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS AT QATAR AIRWAYS, AND REACH DALLAS VIA A HOMELY AND SAFE JOURNEY WITH US. SECTION DIVIDER Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Maecenas porttitor congue massa. Fusce posuere, magna sed pulvinar ultricies, purus lectus malesuada libero, sit amet commodo magna eros quis urna. 3 Arts in the Square Check out Dallas’ many free arts festivals, such as the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, Cottonwood Art Festival, Arts in the Square, and Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival. They are offered in various neighborhoods around town. The Arts in the Square festival is one of the tourists’ favorites, in downtown Frisco. From pottery to jewelry, with more than 120 local artists presenting everything, plus submissions from the surrounding school districts, there is something here for the whole family. For updates as they happen, follow Frisco Square on social media. You won’t want to miss this family- and dog-friendly event. (Just make sure to keep your furry family members on a leash at all times.) Call at Qatar Airways Phone Number to book your happy journey here. 4 DALLAS SYMPHONY When you have a lineup of beautiful orchestras to check out during the week, there is no time to be bored in Dallas. To hear the beautiful sound of the Dallas Symphony, “everyone’s orchestra,” as part of their Parks Concerts series, families are invited. The DSO is fully dedicated to flourishing the joy of music through Dallas, even to those who aren’t able to attend regular concerts. Thus became the Parks Concerts, hosted at three venues around Dallas. Don’t be discouraged by a few clouds as some locations offer rain sites. Pro tip: pack some blankets and snacks for a full night of entertainment. Reach here via Qatar Airways. 5 DALLAS WORLD AQUARIUM The Dallas World Aquarium, true to its name, is a massive facility featuring numerous exhibits and venues for visitors of all ages. Mundo Maya is an immersive, eight-story adventure exhibit displaying the fauna and flora of the Mayan civilization. The Orinoco Secrets of the River exhibit is second to none when comes to a dazzling foray into South African wonders. Containing a 20,000-gallon tunnel, this Aquarium is one of its kinds you can walk through while you marvel at the wide array of beautiful and colorful fish species that swim all around you. 6 7 QATAR AIRWAYS Call at Qatar Airways Phone Number to book an ultra-comfortable journey to the charming world of Dallas at highly reduced fares. Hurry up soon! THANK YOU! Original Source phone-number/home/blog/qatar-airways-phone- number Phone: 1877-926-022 Email: Website:

Explore the enchanting Dallas taking the comfortable flights of Qatar Airways, and celebrate the best air journey at highly affordable prices. Book with us now!

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