How To Get Started With McAfee VirusScan Plus?

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How to Get Started With McAfee VirusScan Plus? McAfee VirusScan Plus for complete 360 degree security of your computer, laptop and devices. McAfee Customer Support Australia shares instructional steps to use McAfee VirusScan for complete PC security. Follow these steps as instructed and do call McAfee Support +61-283206056, if any problem persists. Install McAfee VirusScan Plus on your computer. Use the software CD purchased you purchased from a computer dealer. You can even install and downloaded purchase from McAfee directly. McAfee VirusScan Plus requires 125 MB hard disk space for installation and (75 MB) after installation. You'll need at least 256 MB of RAM and a processor with 300 megahertz for Windows 2000 or XP. Vista will require 512 MB of RAM and an 800 megahertz processor. Access Security Center from your programs menu. From here you can directly manage your McAfee products. Use your email address to register your VirusScan copy with McAfee. You will get a 1-year subscription of virus definitions and updates. From the top window with the large circle you can check the security status. A green circle indicates the system is fine and a yellow or red circle indicates problems. Click the "Fix" icon to update the virus definitions and correct the security problems. If problems persist then click on the link to receive instructions. Scan for viruses in Windows Explorer by going to the "My Computer" option. Now Right-click on the drive or folder to scan and select Scan on the pop-up menu. You will receive a report of infected files when the scan completes Scan the entire computer by selecting the McAfee (red M) icon in the system tray and clicking "Scan." All drives and folders will be selected by default, but you can choose which ones to not scan before clicking "Scan Now." Apart from installing McAfee VirusScan you can also try McAfee internet security to avoid malicious content infecting your PC. So, keep using McAfee products for complete security of your computer. Source

If you have problem in get started with McAfee Antivirus Virusscan Plus then read this PDF file. This PDF file helps you by easy steps. You just follow the steps to complete the process. For any other antivirus queries dial McAfee Support Number +61-283206056.

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