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How to Fax Presented By:- Vivek Chand Email Id:- Website:- Introduction You must have heard about fax or have used it. Fax is the transmission of scanned documents of printable material through telephonic connection to a telephone number connected to a printer or any other output device. Nowadays fax is less commonly used for communicating purpose. Most people use to send their fax online because it saves time and also comfortable to use for everyone who uses Smartphone, technology. Now the online fax services have the same feature as fax machine so it better for us whenever we want to fax we just need internet and we can send easily. How to Send a Fax Online Through this PPT I would like to get you know How to Send a Fax Online via image provided to you that will help you in connecting with your loved once. How to Send Faxes by Email The latest innovation in the world of the fax is sending the fax through emails. This has made faxing even easier and there is absolutely no hassle of procuring a fax machine for the purpose. Conclusion In the end I would like you tell you that there is lot importance of Sending and Receiving Fax via online and Offline. If you want to connect to us that you can comment us or mail us we are always for you.

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