Confirmation of the non acquisition of British Citizenship

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FORM NQ (Part 1) CONFIRMATION OF THE NON-ACQUISITION OF BRITISH CITIZENSHIP If you are a foreign or Commonwealth resident in the United Kingdom, and require confirmation for the authorities of your home country that you have not become a British citizen, you should apply for confirmation using this form. Submit both parts of this form together with the payment slip from the fees leaflet. You should allow 10 working days for confirmation. Payment should be made by debit or credit card or postal order ONLY. There will be no refund of fees. Payment by cheque will delay a reply. Your personal details should be correctly stated on BOTH parts of the form. Part 1 will be retained as a record of the search of UK Border Agency records. Part 2 will be forwarded to the address given. The UKBA does not retain records of the grant of citizenship prior to October 1986. Your full name in Block Capitals: I request confirmation that I have not acquired British citizenship for the purpose of renewing my national passport. Signature: Date: FORM NQ (Part 2) ADDRESS TO WHICH CONFIRMATION SHOULD BE SENT: Please repeat your name from part 1 of this form and insert the following additional information: Your name Forenames Surname Other names by which you have been known Date of Birth Town and Country of Birth Husband’s name Father’s name Nationality Passport Number FOR UK BORDER AGENCY USE ONLY According to UKBA records from October 1986 there is no trace of the above named person having acquired British citizenship. Signed on behalf of the UKBA CONFIRMATION OF THE NON-ACQUISITION OF BRITISH CITIZENSHIP


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