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Learn How to Improve Your SEO If you’re looking to ramp up your SEO efforts, we’ve got the tips you need to stay ahead of the game. Whether you’re just starting to build your first keyword list or you’re already analyzing the analytics, these helpful tips and tricks will ensure your SEO strategy is up to par with industry standards. New to SEO? Check out our recent ​blog on the basics ​ that will help you get started. For those of you ready to start researching keywords, or if you simply want to make sure your keywords are efficient, let’s get started with an overview of keyword research methodologies. Enhance Your Keyword Research Methodologies What does the largest search engine in the world look for when it’s crawling the web for relevant content? That’s the question you should be asking yourself when you are researching keywords to market your product or service offerings. Haven’t started yet? ​HubSpot ​ has a great checklist to keep in mind. Make sure you follow their important steps to get the most out of your research: 1) Start with making a list of important and relevant topics that pertain to your business. 2) Come up with keywords that people might search for to find those topics. 3) Now, research the related search terms (shown in the footer of Google’s results). 4) Check for a mix of head terms and long-tail keywords in each topic. 5) Check out how your competitors are ranking for those keywords. 6) Use Google Adwords to your advantage to cut down your keyword list. Google’s best practices ​ state that you should align your keywords with your business goals. Choose long-tail keywords to differentiate yourself from competitors. Most importantly, don’t try to trick the bots. You won’t win. Google can red flag your pages which can severely impact your lead generation efforts. Don’t focus on stuffing keywords into your pages. Provide relevant, useful content that is geared toward helping your visitors. As bots get smarter, so should your SEO efforts. Use Content to Increase SEO Ranking When you publish relevant content for your audience, search engines notice. The longer people stay on your website resonates with how well you rank. If you are keyword stuffing to get more traffic, it will soon be apparent in the amount of time visitors stay on your page. Make sure that your content is updated regularly. The more relevant content you post, the more traffic you’re going to get. Regular updates are encouraged. Also, make sure to create relevant links within the text. Relate your hyperlinked text to the destination of the link. This will improve your ranking of the page you’re linking to. Remember, you’ll need to create alt tags for pictures and videos to make sure that search engines understand what’s on the page even if the image or video doesn’t display properly. How SEO Can Help Your edocr Articles Generate More Leads After you’ve optimized your content, you’re ready to publish on edocr! Make sure that you use the description section to call out keywords relating to your content and business goals. The Tag Cloud in edocr will automatically generate keywords based on the content in the article, but having specific, trackable keywords in your description can help you identify which traffic is coming from this specific piece of content. Learn more about boosting your SEO visibility on edocr in our ​FAQs ​.

If you're looking to ramp up your SEO efforts, we've got the tips you need to stay ahead of the game. Whether you're just starting to build your first keyword list or you're already analyzing the analytics, the helpful tips and tricks we've included in our latest blog post will ensure your SEO strategy is up to par with industry standards. #SEO #SMB

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