Organic Rum Brands

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ORGANIC RUM BRANDS Introduction Rum is one of the most popular liquors and it is used to create many of our favorite cocktails, including the daiquiri and mojito. The sweet taste of rum makes it a versatile mixer and it is essential for any well-stocked bar. It can be used in anything from the great tropical drinks of the tiki scene to the warm drinks that keep us toasty all winter long. Drinks The Best Rum Brands 1. Kraken 2. Captain Morgan 3. Appleton Estate 4. Mount Gay 5. Sailor Jerry's 6.Bacardi 7.Malibu 8.Old Monk 9.Ron Zacapa 10.Diplomatico Types of Rum 1.White Or Clear Rum 2.Gold Or Pale Rum 3.Dark Rum 4.Black Rum 5.Navy Rum 6.Premium Aged Rum 7.Vintage Rum 8.Overproof Rum 9.Rhum Agricole 10.Cachaa Contact Us Address: Arroyos y Esteros,Cordillera, Paraguay Phone: +1 214-628-1376 Email: Social Media

 The first organic sugar in the world and the earliest adopter of fair trade. Give us call at +1 214-628-1376 or email at

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