The History of Banjo in World Music

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The History of Banjo in World Music Visit : 18th Century The Banjo was then carried by West African slaves to North America. The popularity of banzo then spreads on North America within the 18th century.! NORTH AMERICA 18th Century The modern banjo was invented and decorated by famous Joel Sweeney. He also added a unique string know as famous Fisth string. JOEL SWEENEY 18th to 19th Century The five-string banjo was very popular during the late 1800s and early 1900s.This is referred to as ‘Classical banjo. Then guitarist and banjo player pick the string as the same. CLASSICAL BANJO In the Year 1920 Jazz music become very popular and banjo added new falvour to it, As the sound of banjo is very loud and the moxed up with other instrument make it very popular. But the fifth string get out of the way fot that. In 1924 , Bluegrass Banjo was invented which is a three finger picking was very popular. JAZZ & BLUEGRASS BANJO The 20th Century In 20th-century, The tenor banjo is a common rhythm-instrument for dance bands. Its volume and timbre is similar to early jazz and can play with other instruments and be heard clearly on acoustic recordings. Tenor Banjo 17th Century Caribbean island was the first origin of banzo from early 17th century. West African people use to play it but real story is unknown actually. WEST AFRICA Presented by MusicInstu

The History of Banjo is presented by Musicalinstru is a history infographic of Bnajo. Here we provide the information how it was invented and the transformation it took to the new look.

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