Clear Round Glasses

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Clear Round Glasses h t t p : / /www. amycoz . c om/c l e a r - f r ame - g l a s s e s / c l e a r - ro und - g l a s s e s A f lattering shape, round is capable of sending different messages depending on the proportions. Retro and glam as an oversize model, round becomes intel lectual or futurist ic in a smaller version. The co lour of the f rame is up to as per you l ike, there are many co lours at our s i te , and you can p ick the r ight one. These glasses have UV rays protection instal led which work as a sunglass for everyone. The lens used is a lso high in qual ity as i t has an anti -scratch coating in it FR For more details visit site: ar-frame-glasses/clear- round-glasses 7


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