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Make Him Worship You - Ebook by Michael Fiore Click Here to Download Your PDF Let's get to it. I'm 28 years old (Born in 90) and I fall into that unwanted title of being a millennial. Here's the thing though, I don't feel like I grew up like most millennial and I don't typically own the title either. I busted my ass to get where I am. I'm single. I own my own home and car. I work full-time and to top it all off, I paid for all THREE of my degrees. AA, BA, MS. I'm interested in almost everything. That's how I find out what I don't like. What prompted this blog? I have two best friends. One who is also 28 and the other is 25. We have all three have our own view what is going on in this world. Most of all though we love sharing our thoughts and ideas on whatever these trends going on the world are. Until 6 months ago I was 100% busy with work and school. So when I got time to be on social media, I was confused on trends and the new words that are being thrust upon us. We have fun with it. I'm a smartass. Time to get right down to it. I'm a smartass. Don't get me wrong, I'm respectful to every extent I can be, but behind closed doors with my friends and family, I tell them how I really feel. Being out of school and having time for this whole life thing is prompting new experiences for me, and that is the main journey for this blog. to share my new experiences and thoughts and ideas that hopefully others an not only find humor in but relate to as well. The title says it all. Dating, food, and rants. Its what we're all experiencing or have experienced and we can no longer escape it all. Without further ado, here we go. Click Here to Download Make Him Worship You

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