Local Internet Marketing University near Lauderhill, FL

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Where a search starts, continues to influence how well a business may rank and with about 50% of search queries being four words or longer and by adding your location to your keywords you can bring in additional leads. 86% of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps so it's critical to optimize your content to the areas you service. This makes finding the local-based keywords for your business increasingly more important. Keyword research and keyword optimization are critical and make a mental note that most users aren’t searching for simple terms - they’re searching for something very specific, https://en.search.wordpress.com/?src=organic&q=Fort Lauderdale Google My Business Marketing what we call “long-tail keywords.” Your content needs to reflect this intent. Here's an example that we can build on: best plumbers, best plummers near me, best plumbers in Plantation, best plumbers in 33324. As you can see, the more specific details you provide allows you to capture leads from specific cities and zip codes. Location based marketing is a Search Engine Marketing Local in South Florida wise use of your money that gets you leads and new customers. Local search marketing includes maximizing your Internet presence and search engine rankings by using local search directories, mass content creation and distribution, social profiles, business profiles, Local Internet Marketing in South Florida videos and much, much more. | Learn how to Local Search Digital Marketing in South Florida strech your marketing dollars by calling (954) 306-9699. Green Melon Marketing is a local search marketing company that is getting new customers for small businesses nationwide.

Remember that proximity to the searcher is the number one ranking factor when search engine marketing delivers leads to your prospects using Google My Business Marketing.


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