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Leads Integration FAQ Before you can integrate the leads you are generating into your system for nurturing, you must set up documents to generate validated leads. If you have not done this first step, read ​this blog post ​ first, then return here. How do I integrate my edocr account with CapsuleCRM? To integrate your edocr account with CapsuleCRM, you will need to retrieve your custom CapsuleCRM web address and your “Authentication Token”. To retrieve your web address and authentication token: ● If you do not currently have a Capsule Account, please use this link: http://capsulecrm.com/?referrer=PBNNWP ​ (thanks) ● Login to the CapsuleCRM site ● Access your “Account Settings” page. ● Under “Account Information”, access the “Web address of your account”. ● Under the “My Preferences” tab, obtain your “API Authentication Token” link. (It will be a string of 32 random letters and numbers) ● You can now use the URL and the Authentication Token to link your edocr account with your CapsuleCRM account. How do I integrate my edocr account with ​ Hubspot? To integrate your edocr account with HubSpot, you will need an API Key. To obtain the API key: ● Log in to your Hubspot account ● Click “Generate Key” or “View Key” if you had a previous key generated ● Copy and paste that key into the Hubspot integration form on your edocr account settings page ● Click “Connect” How do I integrate my edocr account with Infor? To integrate your edocr account with Infor, you will need to know if your Infor instance authenticates via Active Directory (AD) or another directory service (such as LDAP). If you are unsure, contact your Infor administrator for more information. ● Provide your Infor/SalesLogix instance URL, your user name, and your password to connect your account. ● If your Infor/SalesLogix instance authenticates via AD/LDAP, check the appropriate box. How do I integrate my edocr account with Mailigen? To integrate your edocr account with Mailigen, you will need an API Key. To obtain the API: ● Login to the mailigen website. ● Hover your mouse over the the “Account” link in the top right corner of the screen and a drop-down menu should appear. ● Click on the “API Keys” menu item. ● On the “API Keys” page, you should see a link titled “Add a Key”. Click on this link and an API Key will be generated and listed below. ● Use this value to connect your edocr account with your Mailigen account. How do I integrate my edocr account with Marketo? To integrate your edocr account with Marketo you will need an admin privileged account to create a user with specific role settings for it’s API. To retrieve the API: ● Log into ​Marketo’s login page ​ with your Marketo email and password. ● Once logged in, click on the Admin cog in the top navigation menu. ● Create an API Role by clicking on “Users & Roles”. Then click on the “Roles” tab. ○ Create a new role, make sure that “API Access” is the only permission ruleset checked. You can set any name you’d like to this role. ● Click “Invite New User” under the “Users” tab. ○ Place a checkmark on the API role you just created and also place a checkmark on “API Only”. You can set any name and email you’d like. ● Create a Service under the “Launchpoint” tab. ○ Name the service to any name you’d like. ○ Set the Service type to “Custom” in the dropdown. ○ Assign the API user you created in the “API Only User” dropdown. ● You can now view the Client Secret and Client ID by clicking on “View Details” for the service you just created. ● Retrieve an Endpoint URL under the “Web Services” navigation item. ● Ensure that the Client Secret, Client ID, REST Endpoint, and Identity Endpoint all are filled on the Marketo integration form on edocr, then Connect. How do I integrate my edocr account with Nimble? Nimble uses OAuth to authorize the edocr application to act on your behalf with your Nimble account. To obtain the OAuth authorization: ● Under the "Leads Integration" section of your edocr profile, choose to add Nimble to your edocr account. ● Click the “Connect” button. ● You will be redirected to Nimble’s OAuth interface. ● Enter your Nimble email address and password. ● Confirm that you authorize edocr to access your Nimble account. (You must agree in order for edocr to be able to send lead information to your Nimble account.) How do I integrate my edocr account with Salesforce? To integrate your edocr account with Salesforce, you will need to retrieve your OAuth authorization and edit your Salesforce user permissions . To retrieve and verify your OAuth authorization: ● Log into your Salesforce account, Click Setup (upper right). On next page, on left side, under “Build - Create” click “Apps”. Then, in the “Connected Apps” section, click the “New Button”. ● Configure the basic information: Connected App name: edocr, API name: edocr. ● Enable Oauth settings by checking the “Enable OAuth Settings” checkbox and enter the Callback URL as ​https://www.edocr.com/api/v1/oauth/salesforce ● Selected OAuth Scopes: Musc select “Access and manage your data (api)” and “Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token, offline_access). Click save. ● Now, you need to retrieve the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. Under Connected Apps, click on the link under “Connected App Name”. ● Copy the value for “ ​Consumer Key ​”. ● Next to ​Consumer Secret ​, click the “Click to Reveal” link, and then copy the revealed value. ● You will use these values to configure your integration in edocr. ● You will now need to verify your OAuth Configuration. Click on the “Manage” button at the top of the application configuration section. ● Verify that “Permitted Users” is set to “All users may self-authorize” and the “Refresh Token Policy” is “Refresh Token is valid until revoked”. ● If it is NOT, click the Edit button, and change the settings to match. Click save. ● Under your edocr account settings, use your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret to connect your edocr account with your Salesforce account. Note: ​The SalesForce user needs to have the appropriate permissions to be able to access the Leads and Tasks objects. The “Salesforce Platform” user license / “Standard Platform User” profile satisfies this requirement. How do I integrate my edocr account with Sugar? To integrate your edocr account with Sugar you will need your Sugar username and password along with the URL to your SugarCRM instance. ● Enter your Sugar username and password and the URL to your SugarCRM instance under your account settings in edocr to link your edocr account with your SugarCRM account.

edocr Leads Integration FAQ

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