A Guide to Understanding Beer and How to Find New Favorites.

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A Guide to Understanding Beer and How to Find New Favorites. Cheers to a happy hour beverage that doesn’t put you to sleep. Introduction Beer is a fermentedalcoholic beverage madefrom malted Barley,water and hops. A brewery or brewing company is a business that makes and sells beer. The place at which beer is commercially made is either called a brewery or a beerhouse, where distinct sets of brewing equipment are called plant. Essential Ingredients of Beer Malt: Malt is sprouted barley. Barley is soaked inwater to begin the process of germination, thendried and toasted for flavor.Malting produces an enzyme, diastase, whichturns starch into sugar. Water: The most important and most “publicized” ingredient.Water makes up 85–95% of the volume of beer. Yeast: Most crucial andcarefully selectedingredient.Fermentation bi- productscan affect the characterof beer. Hops: Primary flavoring ingredient.The “spice” of beer.Contributes to the overall character.Serves as a natural preservative. Other Grains: Adjunct grains – barley, rice, corn wheat.Rice is widely used in American beer tocreate lighter flavor. The Beer Making Process 1.FERMENTING 2. MASHING 3. BREWING 4. LAGERING 5.PACKING Different Brands of Beer 1. BLOOD ORANGE IPA Juicy and refreshingly delicious, our Blood Orange IPA redefines the category of the San Diego style IPA. While it is infused with blood orange, this IPA is not too sweet. The citrusy, tropical bitterness provides a perfect balance and a sweet finish. 2. HONEY HIPS STRONG BLONDE By far our most famous brew, Honey Hips provides a pale golden color with aromas of clover honey and spicy citrus. Light and earthy flavors with a touch of malt sweetness in the front leaves you begging for the back. 3. LIFTED EMBARGO IPA The embargo has been lifted! This beer was brewed solely for the purpose of satisfying our insatiable San Diego taste buds… and mission accomplished! A dry, crisp IPA with an uncanny citrus aroma followed with a burst of bitterness that hits hard but doesn’t linger. 4. MANGOVEZA IPA One for the spicy locals, Mangoveza appeals to all the senses. Fruity, tropical bitterness upfront followed by a short burst of habanero heat provides a complex yet well-balanced IPA. 5. VANILLA PORTER Loosely based on an English porter but spiced up with whole vanilla beans from Madagascar, the Vanilla Porter provides a deep, rich, mocha head with subtle notes of vanilla in the nose. 6. BREAKFAST STOUT An oatmeal coffee stout brewed with roasted chocolate barley malts, golden oats and nearly 40 lbs of Ryan Bros Coffee per 20 barrel batch, Breakfast Stout imparts a deep espresso aroma that will arouse and excite. Want to Hangout with your Friends then Contact with Latitude 33 Brewing Today!! Latitude 33 Brewing Address: 1430 Vantage Ct #104, Vista, 92081,CA, USA Phone: 760 201 5400 URL: http://latitude33brewing.com/

Latitude 33 Brewing team is always on the move to ensure we deliver you the freshest beer possible in USA since 2011. We are offering top quality, different flavors that are perfectly balanced with just the right amount of bitterness.

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At Latitude 33 Brewing, we offer San Francisco Craft Beer that you’ll definitely love if you are a beer lover. Whether you are looking for juicy Blood Orange IPA, LIFTED EMBARGO IPA and more, we offer a wide variety of beers. Visit our website now!


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