Get Chilled Out In Sikkim With Your Family And Friends In This Diwali Season

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Get Chilled Out In Sikkim With Your Family And Friends In This Diwali Season Diwali is the season where you meet all your family and friends exchanging gifts and sweets. Why don’t you try doing something new in this diwali season? One such place to visit during the diwali holidays is Sikkim. You can check on Sikkim tour packages from Mumbai and Ahmedabad so as to decide on the best places to visit during your tour to Sikkim. The land of monasteries Sikkim is famous for Buddhist monks and monasteries that is spread across the state. One among such famous monastery is the Rumtek monastery that is rich in culture and tradition. The monastery is ideally located in Dharma Chakra centre making it accessible for visitors. Trekking If you are a lover of trekking, then your Sikkim tour packages should have an ideal visit to Ravangala. The place is famous among trekking lovers and offers scenic beauty with a mix of adventure sports. The city is located in the southern part of the state making it easy to visit. Snow destination The most important place that you need to visit with your Sikkim tour packages is Lachung. The city is also known as snow destination and offers the view of a snow city. The city makes you fall in love with it while attracting huge tourists all through the year. For the love of motorbikes One among the most attracted tourist spot in Sikkim is Nathula pass. If you are a lover of sports and motor bikes then you should definitely have Nathula pass visit in your Sikkim tour packages in your itinerary. The city is 4310m above the sea level and connects with Tibet. Frozen lake Sikkim has one among the highest lakes in India that remains completely frozen during winter. During summer, you get to see the turquoise water that starts to reflect the amazing view of the peaks and sky. Land of beauty and serenity The hamlet otherwise Yuksom is defined as the meeting place of three lamas. You should include a visit to this place in your Sikkim holiday packages as it offers you with an option to visit one among the most calm and serene places in the state. Sikkim tour packages are a real life experience the adventures while on tour to the state.

Every year Diwali is spent greeting friends and family. Why not try something new this year? Why not gather them and plan a holiday trip? One such ideal place to visit would be Sikkim. Flamingo Travels has many affordable Sikkim Tour Packages from Mumbai and Ahmedabad that can be customized as per your needs. Call us now +91 9825081806 and gear up for some serious adventure and trekking.


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