OnDemand Webinar: Building the Business Case for Database Archiving

Oct 14, 2010 | Publisher: SOLIXTechnologies | Category: Technology |  

OnDemand Webinar: Building the Business Case for Database Archiving About the Webinar: This Presentation covers the three essential ingredients of any business case for implementing database archiving functionality for an existing database application Cost reduction Productivity improvements Risk reduction This Webcast shows how to compute the value for operational applications, for retired applications, and for using database archiving as part of an application renovation project. It also includes a list of participants who should be working together as a team to determine the worth of such projects. During this webinar, you will learn how database archiving, when applied properly to an appropriate application can return huge value and reach ROI in a very short time. Presenters: Jack Olson - Founder and CEO, SvalTech Raghu Kodali - VP Product Marketing, Solix Technologies Webinar URL: http://www.solix.com/business_case_db_archiving.htm#ourform Click to WATCH NOW For more information contact Solix Technologies, Inc at 1.888.GO.SOLIX or 1.408.654.6400; email solix_sales@solix.com or visit www.solix.com

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