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Ease of Use (inc. Tech Skill Level) Templates/Themes Functionality Mobile Standards Desktop, SAAS or Both Video Advanced Functionality Gamification & Gaming Content Capabilities 12 templates, can customize Responsive May call SAAS as "Cloud" Add points, incentives to courses Reusable Learning Objects Can upload PowerPoint PENS Desktop Add YouTube and Vimeo Triggers, Layers, Actions, Objects Import PowerPoint Publish to Flash or HTML5 Accepts HTML5 video Works on all mobile devices Add mp4 Uses mobile player Voice Synch on/off synch Company Name Widget World Product Content Magic Widgets $249 Can someone with zero tech skills get up and running on the first day? Collaborate/Peer Review, Notes for SMEs, Time Stamp Code AICC, SCORM, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, OTHER Create video courses with bookmarking and built in assessments APIs, Developer Source Code, Create own CSS or HTML code, etc.? Six templates are games, three templates are business oriented Native app for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire Gaming - Create game based course with game elements Multiple Authors? Branching? Simulations and Games? Can you import Sims into your course? Avatars/Characters, comes with 28 can change positions Ability to add audio narration, audio editing Video recording via web cam, mobile device Price (Per user? License? Subscription based, etc. One time Subscription fee - unlimited authors Quizzes and Assessments System Requirements Free Trial? Customer and Tech Support Training Pricing Model Create Y or N? Yearly license fee M/C, Short Answer, T/F, Essay Screen Capture? Survey - Likert Scale, Polls M-Learning Support? Other? Asset Management, Resource Library, Extras If Desktop, what are the min. requirements someone needs? For SAAS, do they need the latest Flash player or what version? What browsers are supported? What about OS - Mac - version, Windows, Linux (If applicable) If yes, how long and is it limited or fully functional? Comes with 1,500 items including audio/music tracks, clip art, images 24/7 telephone, E-Mail M-F, Live Chat, Web Forums, etc. User Guide, One hour Webinar, User Community Forums Charges a monthly fee based on number of course developers If yes, what kind - have them be specific Can they be placed into your course after completion?


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