Using the power of web self service for a magnificent customer service experience

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Using the power of web self service for a magnificent customer service experience Web self-service is a key promoter in increased customer interactions. This service has provided customers the facility to search for information as per their convenience and their relevance. The use of web self services has expanded exponentially as customers prefer and patronize this option rather than the helpdesks operated by human agents. It has also been largely beneficial for businesses as they save on hiring costs and leverage customer service experience by providing a complete control to the customer. The thought of a self-service system is exciting. However, if the customers face difficulties in navigating the site or can’t find the relevant information on time the service will be totally meaningless. Sites that cram in too much information or provide a complex navigation system will end up frustrating the customer making him decide never to return. A disorganized web self-service will make the customer more confused and lost. To achieve optimum results the businesses with self-service sites must provide accurate and complete information to the customers without causing any inconveniences. The information should help the customers resolve their issues. Thus the navigating process should be simple and uniform. Navigation becomes even easier when the content is presented in a practical arrangement that helps the user to understand easily rather than using guessing tactics. The interface design that reflects striking presentations and simple layouts, the use of multi-media and Rich Internet Applications are excellent ways to bolster customer service experiences. The usage of vocabulary must be constant and a glossary section that enables a quick search is advisable. Smart searching capabilities in a web self-service site give the users an opportunity to locate information easily. The search process can be simplified using either automatic spelling correctors or ranking the content in the list according to the subject matter. The self-service should be designed in such a way that it facilitates not only those who are experienced but also those who are not well-versed with the medium by providing different guiding options. Frequently Asked Questions is commonly used to help the first time visitors find some tips. Service alerts and questions that lead the users towards specific solutions can also be used to guide the users to their correct destinations. The content that is present in the web self-service site should be fresh and relevant. The customer service solutions agents should be able to contribute to the development and creation of new content with the interactions they have had with the customers, thus contributing to the knowledgebase and making the content relevant. The service should also facilitate identifying solutions that are not used and deleting them. When customers are unable to find the answers the system should provide a way to escalate the matter and seek assistance either through an email, a customer service chat or through a phone call. Learn more about :- Knowledge Management , & customer service implementation

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